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  1. Just to let anyone interested know, you can get 4 achievements worth 140g with the trial version of the game, perfect if you are waiting for a sale. The full cavity treatment That's not right Wax on, wax off The fifth key
  2. As title, it is just taking too long to rank up. I can gift anything up to level 21. Thanks in advance
  3. Everytime i go back to may game on a morning or night I have loads of gifts of tokens/coins so I haven't had any scratches for a while now. Spent no money, level 51, 23 tokens left, it's easy when you go first, I have only gone second once.
  4. That guy has either hacked somehow or is a gamesloft account , with only 5 games won and 3 games lost, his xp total/level is obviously impossible to get
  5. Just been reset again for gods sake!!!
  6. Just played 10 games, gone 1st 10 times and won 10 times, some got quite hairy & I thought I would lose. Maybe they are trying to let me get my rank back lol
  7. For the last part, that is because it was at the end of the week so they were resetting and sending prizes for the rankings, I got 14,250 coins for coming 12th I think. When it just reset my leaderboard earlier I was 18th down to like 50,000th or something lol. And yet another gitch, I haven't been able to scratch a card all day.
  8. Well, after turning my phone on and off again my rank has come back, but my rank in the leaderboards has gone as it says I hadn't earned any points this week, which is bullshit. Lost so many tokens because it freezes then restarts but says I took too long to play, no shit sherlock it's cos ur fucking game is broke!!! Bastard Gameloft, if they weren't the only ones bringing games out for the windows phone id tell them to go fuck themselves. Edit, oh I forgot, the fucking game also sucks so much battery that it dies even while charging, go figure.
  9. I have played about 150 games and have gone 1st every time except once.
  10. Reset from level 44 down to 1, absolute fucking piece of shite glitchy game.
  11. need the 2 online ones, using the 2nd map it will only take 5 mins to do the 6 matches required
  12. Well I have just bought Final Fantasy, so no doubt it will be deal of the week this week
  13. I had this problem and culdn't find an answer. Basically make a save and keep on skipping all of the crash site/terror missions and just keep on shooting down the UFO's that appear and eventually it will say there is a floater on the ship, it will be on one of the small scout UFO's. Once you have done the last research, reload, as you will have lost a lot of countries. (This isn't really necessary as you are at the end game, but i wanted to anyway)
  14. i have currently lent my copy out, however i'm sure there will be people in the trading thread that can help each other out
  15. Ah ok, thanks for returning it it is a method that will help a lot of people.
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