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  1. I'm wanting to do some Beast or Horde. Not looking for any achievements, just to play. As long as it's playing the game as it is meant to be played, and not some monotonous boosting deal, I will do it. Just sick of playing with randoms who quit after 10 or 20 rounds. GT- YouAreNotFree
  2. Looking to 3 star all spec ops. No mic but managed MW2 without one. GT YouAreNotFree
  3. Looking to do the weekly challenge. No mic. GT-dave252252
  4. Thanks for that. The last three times I have not even been able to pass that guy with the rocket launcher as he puts me on my ass and I get so disorientated because its pitch black I just die. Absolute piece of trash game. Terrible. Just terrible.
  5. Wtf. This stupid game of those crooks called EA has just wiped about 50 of my Virtual pro games:mad: What could have caused this? I was on 80 someething, then I went to 34, and after restarting my console I went to 31. Seriously, I have so much contempt for EA I cannot tell you. I never, ever, ever buy any of their games new. I wish everyone else would do the same so these developers would go elsewhere. EDIT- ok so only my offline games remain. Fucking great. Well Im only playing offline now.
  6. Still need to boost co-op. GT- dave252252
  7. Looking to boost team player. Have two consoles/ copies. Gt- dave252252
  8. This game is a joke, but don't worry, no skill is required. Just luck as has been mentioned on repeated occasions. Bra v Swe I got it to extra time on probably my 10th try. Hit the post and bar in the first half. Second I barely got a touch and of course, lost on penalties as you might well expect from a game which cheats you whenever it can. What makes it worse is the fact there is a glitch which can get you all the achievements for playing just two matches. However, you must have a GS of 0 in this game to carry it out. I was wondering how 20% of the people on TA had this 500g:Bounce:
  9. This has to be the dullest, most pointless shooter on the 360. Incredibly boring. Sadistic, time consuming achievements. Non-descript campaign. Its difficult to believe that this was made by the same people that gave us GoW. Currently Im stuck on a warfare game on CASUAL. This should be over in 5 mins, but no. The enemy has many more members and I can't get access to any vehicles so they keep re-capturing the nodes despite me constantly killing 4-5 as they spawn further up the map. My AI team mates suck and are of no real help. The whole game is farcical ( 60 mp maps? ) and it should never have seen the light of day.
  10. Anyone want to go through the campaign? Gt- dave252252
  11. Im looking to boost this but only with another person that has two consoles. Gt- dave252252
  12. Anyone that is organizing a boosting session for 'Equal Opportunity destroyer' message me. I have two consoles, so you get two boosters for the price of one;) Gt- dave252252
  13. Looking to boost co-op, 8 v 8 and 6 v 6. Have two consoles and copies of this game. GT- dave252252
  14. This part is a JOKE. Ive headshotted the god damn guy at least 150 times, whilst he has been on the ground. And thats no joke either. He will not die. Edit. So he dies like 20 shots after I post this. In the rest of the game it took like 10 headsots to kill these.
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