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  1. Lol, I don't care about grammar or spelling or anything of that sort, actually, I hate English, but damn, you guys suck at writing. "Yellow: If you any, you can start from the last checkpoint. Gold: If you die, you can get revive during the fight. If you don't want to use it, you can restart from the last checkpoint. In other words, it offers unlimited yellow orbs. There's no reason to pick yellow except for the achievement." What the does, "If you any" even mean? "You choose at the start gold or yellow. Yellow means if you die and no no gold orbs you must start the level again. Gold you can just start from a checkpoint " What is a "no no gold orbs?"
  2. Hey mate, Interrogator is missable and is not part of the story at all.
  3. I want to start this game, but not before I have a group willing to do this. I can do this anytime (9 am PST - 1 am PST)
  4. Looking to get all 3 of the online achievements. If anyone wants to do them, please send me a message. Thanks
  5. An achievement is an achievement. Once it unlocks, people are happy. If it does not unlock, people are unhappy. This whole non sense about earning is just that, non sense. Some people care about earning, others do not, it is a matter of perspective and what kind of beliefs you have. I "earned" my 29/30. I do not have the achievement. I am unhappy. If I had done the glitch back in the day, I would have "obtained" the achievement. I would be happy. Happiness is all that matters. How people become happy though, is different. Some people are happy about earning, others are happy about unlocking. I would be happy if I just unlocked this. I feel no pride in earning this achievement. There are no cookies, money, fame, or women waiting for me, nor is there personal sense of accomplishment. Stop talking about legit and not legit. It means nothing in the objective truth of the world. If you want to do something, do it for the sake of doing something, not for some deeper meaning.
  6. Wow. Lol. I was already at 29/30. So now that he gave us 29/30, all it shows for me was that I was a true idiot for playing these events on each week. =/ Where is the 30/30?
  7. http://epicgames.com/community/category/gears-of-war/ Maybe a new ribbon might pop up for that 1 day event. The Pink Lancer thing for Cancer. I am guessing it is a wildcard event with a new number like the play on Day 1 event.
  8. Keeping an eye on this site is also helpful: http://epicgames.com/community/category/gears-of-war/
  9. http://www.ehow.com/info_8586145_cheats-squadrons-world-war-ii.html You have to press the buttons super fast. Like the whole sequence needs to be done in under 2 seconds. Also, you let go of LT when you hold RT.
  10. So... does anyone know if this works or not? Like I play Local with another account that at some point had Gold, but is now Silver. I play about 10 games, and then I quit and go grind for Seriously... or play some other game like Saints Row 2. Then the next day, I play 10 more games on local, and repeat. Will the 10 wins keep adding or does it have to be 100 in one single sitting without quitting out of Local?
  11. Ohh I was hoping like some official message from Epic or something letting me know when a legitimate event (not a comic - con) was up and from what time to what time it would count.
  12. Is there some kind of feature or something around that gives you a message, or emails you, or does something that lets you know when there is a Gears of War 3 event? I am at 23 / 30. I just need 7 events. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=370931 According to that thread, I have 25 events left to hit the 7 I need (unless there is a 3rd cycle, but better not to risk it, right?) I play lots of other games, that have servers close to shut down, etc.. and I am going into my Masters in University starting September... so I cannot always check events on Gears of War 3. And especially, this Force Multiplayer, I played about 50 rounds of it and won all and did not get the event. Then at the request of my friend, I played it again 9 hours later, 3 hours before midnight, and I got the event ribbon. So it is very difficult to even get the ribbon sometimes... time limits, etc.. That is why I am asking. Sorry for the long read.
  13. I am up for boosting this game. I usually have time early in the mornings (6 am - 7 am), and then late at night (10 pm - 12 am). This is for weekdays PST (Canada, B.C) time. Sometimes I can be on at more times as well if my university class ends earlier. Thursdays I am free after 4 pm PST. Saturday - Sunday I am free all day, but not this Saturday and Sunday as I have a lot of sessions set up on TA for Black Ops achievements. But still, just message me, we might be able to work something out. I can also play up to 4 am on Saturday and Sunday. I need these achievements: GUARDIAN GUN WHEEL GURU I KNOW KUNG FU / COMBO KING MOWER MAN MURDEROUS MACHINE SCRATCHER STREET RIPPER DEMIGOD BERSERKER ARTIST GURU
  14. I am okay with that actually. I played the shit out of all Gears games. I am totally down for just having my friends fill the entire lobby and just go for wins / achievements / stupid fun.
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