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  1. Fuck this competition. Señor Dirty One Shirty I'm coming for you. I'm popping all my easy GS backlog tomorrow and you're done.
  2. Looking for a casual teammate if any of you guys without dance partners will take me. Or maybe there's someone lurking. Revczar, I sent you a message on XBL.
  3. Forum Name: Jardinho Gamertag: Jardinho P: Verified
  4. The F-Zero one is the only one I've managed to do but I play a lot of racing games anyway. Still took maybe ten attempts. The Breakout one I just wanna be able to pause the game and use the D-pad instead of the stick, it's a pain in the ass haha. I've not really tried the dynamite one much but I imagine I'll struggle as much with that as I am with brick pong. The levels with tonnes of black bricks can go suck a black... That temple.. the way I did it was jump to the first ball in front of you then rotate the camera to one side. Go up the next three in front of you like you're taking a set of stairs. Rotate the camera back and jump to the lowest one at the side and repeat the jumps like going up stairs. It was a pain in the ass for sure but you can do ittttttttttttt haha. Tbh, I think I might have struggled more with the drumming mini game Never ask me to play Guitar Hero lol.
  5. Ah, forgot their was a separate thread for that. Cheers for the link.
  6. Profile: Jardinho Awards: Max Clubs Novice and 10 years XBA Tenure Thanks
  7. I'm on this basically everyday atm going for a couple of the more longwinded update achievements. Feel free to hit me up on live if any of you guys want to play or boost or whatever.
  8. GT: Jardinho Game: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
  9. Probably any night except tonight I think.. but can't you only play quite late if I remember correctly? Like 9pm is a typical start time for some Spanish Ass gaming sessions (which would be 2am for me and a no-go)
  10. I saw World War Z was added to game pass.. I remember people on here having good words to say about it so is anyone still playing it? Is it worth starting up?
  11. GT: Jardinho I would like the new GRID please
  12. I think 7 is too high, I'd give it a 6 if I was being generous. I agree the twist was pretty good though. Men in Black: International 6.5/10 Was gonna give this a 6 but giving it the extra 0.5 on the basis that I enjoyed it more than Spidey. Pretty standard summer popcorn flick fare. Django Unchained 9/10 Probably not much I can say about this movie that's not already been said. Christoph Waltz is fantastic. Rambo: Last Blood 8/10 US Army and Vietnam War veteran John Rambo's niece is kidnapped by some rather unpleasant men in Mexico. Long story short, bad things happen. Mr Rambo is thoroughly upset by these events takes it upon himself to cross the border and begin wreaking some suitably excruciating vengeance on the cartel members responsible. After murdering one of the kingpins and leaving his calling card for his brother to find, Mr Rambo returns to his ranch in Arizona and commences preparations for an invasion by legions of cartel enforcers; many of whom are kitted out like special forces soldiers. Calling upon his wide ranging experience in guerrilla warfare, he goes about setting up his ranch like some sort of psychotic septuagenarian Kevin McCallister. The assault gets underway. Much blood and viscera ensues. Wonderful.
  13. I don't really know if you guys collect movie steelbooks as well but for Scotty or any of the other UK guys; this website is selling some real cheap steelbooks at the moment. https://www.zoom.co.uk/category/steelbook_clearance
  14. To the nutters that scored 40k+... You did some crazy shit, you should be proud of yourselves.. I think
  15. Same.. except I actually saw it last week, I just haven't bothered to log in til now. Hope you're all prepared to eat my dust.
  16. Forum Name: Jardinho GT: Jardinho Favorite Xbox One Racing Game: Forza Horizon 4 or Dirt Rally
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