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  1. I liked mickey rourkes voice acting, was fun to hear all that swearing Also was kinda glad it only lasted me 2 hours to finish it so it didnt get too boring
  2. Still better than Duke Nukem Forever.
  3. This game is a glitchy mess with a terrible camera and extremely boring combat. Still I enjoyed it a little bit because of the gore and the old splatterhouse games.
  4. bought it for 5$ dont like a single song, just stating my opinion.
  5. Just looking for couple friendly english speaking people to play through the story for fun, preferably new players. Also preferably on hardest possible starting difficulty for some challenge, though I've never played the game before, Cheers. ~Add me on xbox: Afromuumi
  6. Looking for someone to play with; GT: Afromuumi
  7. The hunter mode is awesome, but getting to play as hunter every 20 games is irritating, BUT even more satisfying. Also what I've noticed people get themselves killed on purpose at start of the match as operatives since they wanna play the hunter, which is just stupid. Good beta anyways, only noticed couple of freezes at end of the games. And also couple 1 bar connections seizuring around the map like no others.
  8. Scariest thing in the game had to be the invisible jedibarrier that activated each time our blockfaced protagonist answered his cellphone and made him unable to walk forward. Truly terrifying.
  9. Hopefully the sequal never sees light of day. Was so looking forward to this game and such disappointment it was, goddamnit.
  10. Seriously what is wrong with the multiplayer matchmaking.. I sit there 5 minutes when it checks a good game for me from the 200+ available games and then finally puts me in a lobby where I am alone. After about 10 tries it finally puts me in a game of team deathmatch which lasts for 3 minutes approx and then returns to title screen due the "lack of players" Anyone else getting this? From the extremely enjoyable 3 minutes of gameplay what I gathered was that the bullets are seemingly made out of rubber. Was really looking forward to this multiplayer, sigh..
  11. Midgame crash, lost all challenges and everything. Fantastic, was on mission #14 on purist difficulty.
  12. How is this fun? Combat is boring, controls terrible, story uninteresting, graphics dull and colorless, pointless achievements.. I mean I've learned to enjoy some bad games I've played but this just is pure frustration and about as fun as watching a paint dry off a wall.
  13. No jump and terrible controls overall. Decent story and atmosphere 6.5/10
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