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  1. If anyone wants to trade this or help me keen to boost it. GT: In Touch
  2. Don't you hate achievements like this? Still 24 Days to go
  3. Heres how i did it. Do the maule challenge 6, alt f4 Reload the game You will have 60knot wind in free fly mode Get the Acon out pick a runway facing straight into the wind. It's stall speed is like 40knots so you have a 20knot buffer to work with unlike the maule. profit
  4. I will be unable to organize boosting session because my xbox was destroyed in a house fire. I'll be passing the boosting account over to someone else soonish.
  5. Ya someone that can follow instructions, unlike the countless people that add my main account instead... Should be able to help you with this.
  6. Msg to all the people that added me recently, wrong account add "x360a boost". Im going to be busy again this weekend unfortunately. Hopefully be free next weekend.
  7. Cool, that'll make everything run much smoother. More than welcome to organize a session for this weekend. I'll post an updated booster list for ya. Do you use msn by chance? Message me your email on xblive if you do, so i can give you details for x360a boost account.
  8. Almost mad an arse of my self, wont be a session this weekend. Im going to be out of town.
  9. This is exactly how i feel, alot of people just post add my GT. That is not going to get anything done. I dont add those people because if they cant take the time to read back a few posts to see what is going on why should i make an effort. As for a race. If we have 8 people and rarity 10 car, its about 240k. (I got 165k from a 5 race) If you get enough creds from normals youll only need 4 boosts instead of 5. I did a few races when it first came out 4-5 people 5 laps, won them all to. You get next to nothing. It would be very time consuming. Next session is this weekend, im gunna be spaming everyone once a day. 2300GMT is pretty late, can possibly move it forward awhile. Thoughts?
  10. So sorry guys, i forgot that it was today. The time difference between the states and new zealand confuses the hell out of me. Least it was friday night over their and people will still have been at work. Tomorrow is still on and ill be ready. Sorry again. Here's the boosting order as best as i can figure it. Msg x360a boost if you have complaints. 1 In Touch 2 ItsTimmah 3 Kalvaza 4 Meta49 5 O M4RSH O 6 DigitalPulse 7 Akirakorn 8 LeoAmes17 9 xXCombat Wombat 10 Vaporyfiik 11 DiJeiEm 12 A BENGAL HOBO 13 TheFEARLESS01 14 Tarento7386 15 Ziggytron 16 Crossfire84 17 Oh its on 18 ZIGGYTRON 19 Doc Figueira 20 AdamByrney 21 CrossFire84 22 InsaneFlame 23 ivegotalobon 24 The Pro NY 25 Jerkob76 26 27 28
  11. With everyone in the party you will be able to start your own races while im racing. Its up to everyone else what you do, i cant see anyway else to do it. Least this way its out of the way early. You have to finish the race to get the money, and forza 2 has a limit on how long you can finish after 1st place. 30s-5mins. The 2nd place thing can work but getting more than two people to finish in order is asking for trouble.
  12. Going to get a boosting session going this weekend. 14th and 15th (and the 16th most likely) , same time as before. Hopefully some of the 21 people who want this achieve can make it. Here's the plan. I'll get everyone in a party, and take the first race of the day. After i finish ill setup races until everyone gets ago at a decent money race. Once you People that came to the first session will get preference, then in the order people signed up. Should have an ordered list by the 14th. Order will roll over day to day depending on where we stopped. If someone wants to co-organize with me so we can avoid the whole scenario while i'm racing that would be great. If you get the achievement it would be much appreciated if you could stick around for that day and help start races. Everyone should bring the GT40 kalvaza outlined a few posts back. (With Deceleration Diff: set to 0%) Spending some time tuning the car would be advised. Races will run with fuel/tire simulation on, and damage if you want it. Races take about 50mins. Probably forgotten something. I'll be messaging everyone on xblive with the time and date. If you want in make sure you FR/are a friend of "x360a Boost" In Touch
  13. Been busy lately, will organize a session for next weekend though.
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