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  1. MADGTX my tag. I want find friend to play online matches. And need help with achievements War Hero.
  2. Rate my trial. Called is "Rate for achievements". GT - MADGTX
  3. Very need help in dirt 2 with rush hour achievements. I online 21.00-2.00 (gmt time zone +5). Please help - it. is my last achievement. GT - MADGTX
  4. Hi 2 all! Need help with weapon achievements/ I give back after i get acheievements. Sorry for my bad english. GT - MADGTX
  5. Hi 2 all! Sorry for my bad english. I don`t understand how use Lift and Singularity on Citadel Transport Terminals? I make this 80 and don`t have achievements. Please, make and upload video for me show an example of two or three attempts the correct use?
  6. Hi 2 All! My GT - MADGTX add me; I need help with Rush Hour achievements and i maybe help 2 all). Sorry for my bad English.
  7. At this forum a lot of posts but no answers! And I can start a new game on easy, by removing the saving? After all, give me the achievement for completing the game? And it is possible to check, to fix any icons on the last three missions! And how to delete the cache on the xbox 360 250 GB?
  8. I begin COD WAW campaign on veteran and finished this in veteran BUT i don`get War Hero and Hardened War Hero achievements! My last 3 missions They do not see! As if I did not quite passed. I play again one missionon Recruit and again don`t have icon! Replay on Veteran and don`t have icon. I play ONLY solo and only Veteran! Any ideas? Please help me!
  9. I have the same problem .. I drive a race offline or online, and to achieve open. In my profile the achievements of 50 of 47. Then the achievement is blocked, and if I open any achievement in another game, I can re-open the former, but it does not count! Update the game I think would not be? And who knows how to solve this problem? I hate this game, now forever count stood at 45/47 achievements: ( But if you get a "Rush Hour " may still have a chance!
  10. GT - MADGTX. need help with all online ranked achieve. PC of course. add me if we maybe help. Thanks.
  11. Hi 2 All! My GT - MADGTX add me; I need help with Rush Hour achievements and i maybe help 2 all). Sorry for my bad English.
  12. I rode the whole career and has won over 50 best laps or more. And don`t get achievemnts not. Outplayed again the first 50 races, and each received a best lap! BUT! Achievements again not. Help please how to get it!
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