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  1. yea it still works. I was able to get him stuck once but it took a handful of tries and depending on your luck it might take more than a few. But this makes the fight a lot less stressful since you're not trying your ass off to kill him and not die. Just worry about getting him stuck on that box and everything from there is a piece of cake.
  2. need someone to help me kill Raam on insane difficulty. Dom bot keeps running out and getting killed at the start of the fight because the Ai in this game is complete shit.
  3. oh yea i knew the second I opened the chest there was no way to reset thanks to the autosave feature. i basically went into creative and tnt'd the crap out of everything in site to try and get some sort of relief through destruction. it only made me more angry when all that was left was my nether portal (that spawned DIRECTLY infront of steps into a nether fortress less than 50 blocks from 2 blaze spawners) and my enchantment table of mocking discouragement.
  4. i tweeted them about it... no response as of yet (i know they aren't the most prolific tweeters considering they only tweet about once every couple days) the worst part is I had literally done everything to do achievement wise with the exception of finding the end portal and killing the dragon. But an enderman I was fighting had a cactus block in his hands and that's what killed me. I say that's fighting dirty!
  5. So i was trying to get ender pearls and died in the process. i ended up spawning at my bed which was on another map. when i returned to my main house (the area I died) every item I had collected over probably 40+ hours was gone. So angry.
  6. alright there is a point in the game where you are in a room with cardboard cut outs of the other characters in the series. When I saw the cutout of Frank West I immediately thought "this must be what Frank West thinks he looks like" Cause it honestly to me looks nothing like the original character, even if you account for the upscale in graphics. I mean even chuck green looks like chuck green. Is this just me? lol
  7. i still think the first one is the best. but for me it's a toss up between 2 and 3 for second place. a little off topic does anyone else have the 7 day survivor achievement? i remember when games had real challenges.
  8. yea for the most part. how ever there are times where I can't even see the enemy and they 2 shot me... and then I'm dead haha. That part on the top of the train pushing forward was like that. the train cars are moving back and forth wildly but they still had like 99.9% accuracy lmao.
  9. Yea this game was really pretty easy on Veteran.. Might have even been easier than BO2's campaign. There were 2 or 3 spots on my play through that I had to retry a bunch of times, But not one spot where I got stuck and had to check a walkthrough or guide for help. oh wells.... lol
  10. Who else was severely upset with this achievement...? lol I thought this was going to be a throw back to "Mile High Club" and actually take some skill to clear out the room without getting shot. Sadly all you really have to do is throw tacticals and a few frags and let the Ai do the work. I did this achievement second try, while doing my veteran playthrough. at least they named the achievement/trophy properly haha.
  11. LOL. we should all put our copies together into one mass grave like they did with E.T. the game. Maybe Epic will get the hint
  12. official retail value at gamestop @ the time of events being over - $7.00 ($9.00 if you trade towards another game...) THANKS EPIC
  13. EVENT #30 - Domi-gnasher!!!! join me in never playing this piece of trash game ever again!
  14. i don't even care. i'm willing to not get 100% on this game. and judging on how they are handling their game and the fact that they are basically on the edge of shutting down their forums. I really doubt they are going to bring out more dlc for a game that has 200 people playing it.
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