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  • Birthday 08/29/1992

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    Ludo dave

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    My names David i live in Durham my favourite thing is gaming and i play lots of xbox 360
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    Crook, Durham, England
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    Gaming, The odd movie, TV
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    Job seeker (unemployed)

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  1. If you can get the day off without it affecting your job position then yes but I'll be at work until 6am on release as I can't afford to take any days off yet.
  2. Could do with adding some rivals myself GT: Ludo dave
  3. still not working for me also had a few issues with falling though the map when playing the pod race challenge in the twilight of the republic playset.
  4. Everytime I try to play with others online I just keep getting failed to join straight away, anyone else have this problem?.
  5. Destiny, huge halo fan thought destiny would continue on with bungies amazing legacy of games up to that point, considering they had being hyping it up since halo 3 odst and the end product was repetitive gameplay with all the worst aspects of MMO gaming just terrible.
  6. I grew up with SOR 1 and still love playing it. though SOR 2 blew me away when i finally got my hands on it later in my childhood. and SOR 3 which i didn't get to play until the mega drive ultimate collection came out was a disappointment. since all the changes sega of america made ruined it. the first time i actually enjoyed SOR 3 was when i finally got this collection and played the japanese version Bare knuckle 3 definitely close to topping SOR 2 its a shame our version got messed up with the changes
  7. That's because Fable 3 is better but alot of people seem to disagree
  8. just seems like a way to rip off those who already payed to get it on 360 no wonder they didn't make the X1 backwards compatible like the 360 was
  9. just checked and this game doesn't even have a achievement guide whys that? and it doesn't have many forum posts either its a much better game imo compared to the original but no ones talking about it
  10. yeah i'm only using a cheap capture card but it should be enough to show you how to get as many rings as you want
  11. same here still get get on this game worked fine 3 days ago why did it need to be always on come on microsoft it might be free but still unneeded
  12. is it just me because it took me alot longer to finish each mission in DMC 3 than in this also i'm playing by the order of story which is why i played DMC 3 first
  13. well you can play mario kart 7 online with your friends
  14. first original xbox game dead or alive 3 first xbox 360 game kung fu panda which came with it
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