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  1. I think it's an xbox live issue, I haven't received the secret achievements for beating the game and reaching a certain area. Same with the achievements for crafting, collecting, maxing out a core and many more. Most of these just stopped tracking.
  2. I thought arcade was competitive as well
  3. Can anyone confirm if arcade will unlock achievements?
  4. Do you have a Doom ID? I couldn't upload a map until I created a Doom ID, it's in the menus somewhere. Not at home so can't give you any detailed info.
  5. It's a bug that happens quite a lot, leave the group and try again is the only solution I know
  6. Happy Birthday, Xero! I hope you are having a wonderful day! :D

  7. I just got the last achievement after 13 hours of playtime, read and watched everything. I didn't do a 2nd play-through though.
  8. The mid mission spawn points suck, spawning in the middle of a firefight against a group of high leveled enemies and die within 2 seconds just sucks. This happened on multiple occasions. Oh, and I wish the matchmaking system was level based. Tired of carrying players
  9. You can replay the chapters to get the achievements, I didn't do them in a chronological order
  10. Are there any other secrets besides the ones in the levels? I'm missing 5 secrets (tracker at 90%) with all levels completed (without dying), all the misc achievements done. All levels are at 5/5 collectibles besides the last level. Any help?
  11. Just a fyi, the level 30 achievement is glitched. It doesn't unlock for anyone and the same with the achievement for unlocking all achievements.
  12. Funny that mostly every one wishes to keep their brain, what about all the things that can go wrong with a human brain (concussion, dementia, strokes, cell degeneration etc.). You finally have this unbreakable body with a fragile brain. I would just choose some augmentations if needed
  13. Can't we all agree that the promotion team deserves a raise? http://www.joblo.com/posters/images/full/deadpool_love_banner.jpg http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/0/6063/4935334-dpposter.jpg http://static.srcdn.com/slir/w517-h755-q90-c517:755/wp-content/uploads/deadpool-movie-poster-valentines.jpg http://images.youthhealthmag.com/data/images/full/24091/deadpool.jpg
  14. Most of the games you've listed are Tower Defense games, Carcassonne and Clash of Heroes are puzzle/strategy games. There are hundreds of tower defense games (most of them on IOS/android), either with top down view, side scrolling and even first/third person. With the puzzle/strategy games it's a lot of hit and miss, some I really like (like your listed games and the Puzzle quest games) and some are just not for me. I would recommend to google top 10 lists of TD games or puzzle/strat games, there are plenty of hidden gems (like I said, especially on IOS/Android). One game I had a blast playing on the phone is Bloons TD 5, if you have adecent phone or tablet you should try it out. I prefer these games in SP, especially if they have challenges like Defense Grid or PvsZ.
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