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  1. I would like to know how to unlock the alternate colors of the DW8 costumes. I am NOT asking for how to buy DLC I understand how money works. I want to know how to unlock the second color of costume for each character in the game. Under "Change Outfit" there is the option of "Regulare Costume 1" I would like to know how to unlock the "Regulare Costume 2". Is it character specific? Story based? Mission based? Level based? What is it? I've been trying to figure this out and I feel like I am going insane. I only have a few alternate color's unlocked right now and they are the characters I started out with. Such as SunShangXiang's Red & Green Costumes as well as GuanYu's Blue alternate to the regulare Green he wears. So the question is, HOW DO I UNLOCK THE ALTERNATE COSTUME COLORS? And again I'm not asking for info on DLC I want to know how to unlock what is in the game I already own. Thank you.
  2. My husband is playing this game and he failed an escort quest to take Aslam to the Healing Spring. He didn't realize that the guy he was escorting was the Innkeeper till he returned to the Inn to find he couldn't access his stuff anymore or change his class because the InnKeep is good and eaten by a Griffon. Since this game has a frustrating autosave when you use a ferrystone feature his game is stuck this way. Will a new Innkeeper ever take over Aslam's job or is my husbands game right and truly hosed? He is fairly close to finishing the game too so what happens after the end of the game. I hear there is a New Game + feature how might that possibly help the current problem in my husbands game?
  3. I always prefer to get X.L. games with the Dynasty series we bought it as a download I don't even know if it's available to buy on disk but if it is get it. It's fantastic and some of the extra characters are great.
  4. It might be connected to difficulty but I don't really think so. My husband plays on Normal and Hard all the time and I play on only Easy until I finish story mode. I've gotten well over 30 tickets now since starting the game. I just reached Chapter 3. My husband has gotten 12-14 he says and he just finished the story. I got do the old missions over and over to get points and try out new characters and seem to get a ticket every mission or so sometimes 2 or 3. When I play I focus on killing every named general and doing what the strategist's say whereas my husband will go for the main guy always to just end a level and if he does it along the way complete missions. The idea that it is linked to bonds makes more sense to me than anything else. I just wish I knew clearly what it was that drops them.
  5. I have done the Battle of Honnoji twice now with Ayane and not gotten anything once reaching 1500 Kills. I want to know is there a restiriction on the difficutly or are you never allowed to switch to another character to get these items to appear? When the item does appear is there a message in the Battle Log then of where to find it like in the old games? I'm very much stuck right now.
  6. Sun Ce (孫策) - Clear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka" (長坂の戦い) Da Qiao (大喬) - Clear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka" (長坂の戦い) Battle of Changeban is where my husband just unlocked Da Qiao & Sun Ce. It is the bottom square of the second column in the Chapter 3 selection area just below Battle of Yangping Gate.
  7. Sun Ce (孫策) - Clear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka" (長坂の戦い) Da Qiao (大喬) - Clear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka" (長坂の戦い) Battle of Changeban is where my husband just unlocked Da Qiao & Sun Ce. It is the bottom square of the second column in the Chapter 3 selection area just below Battle of Yangping Gate.
  8. I wonder how do you get Lottery tickets? My husband and I have played to the end of the first Chapter. I have 6 tickets he has 2. What causes Lottery tickets to drop? It's a pretty strong discrepency between 6 and 2. Is there a way to raise your chances to get some? Is it related to the bonds, how well you do in battle or completed mission count? I can't seem to figure it out.
  9. Answering my own question http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Warriors_Orochi_characters
  10. Has anyone found a list of playable characters for this game? I'm very interested in knowing who I can all use and if possible how they unlock. I'm having a heck of a time finding the answer to this via Google and Wikipedia.
  11. I have bought the strategy guide because I get lost in games A LOT! (An embarassing lot) and am very confused on how I go about buying houses. The book says you can buy houses and says to look in the side quest's section for details. I read through the side quest's section and frankly I still don't understand what I am supposed to do. I only just bought the game and I hate not being able to store some items I want to keep for later so I always go for house purchases early in RPG's I play. Can someone please tell me which house is the soonest I can purchase, where it is located and how to get it. Or tell me where in this stupid book the side quest housing missions are listed. This book is thick and durable and thoroughly not helping me at all. I appreciate any help. Thank you.
  12. That is false. I had a game that installed just fine. Enslaved. The game installed rather quickly mind you and then when played would load and shut down. Load and shut down. The disk was not printed correctly yet installed to the point where the print flaw was and just assumed itself to be complete. I took it to the store and got a replacement for it then tried to play the new one at home and still had problems. Only when deleting the old install and reinstalling did it work fine. It probobly would have been okay just played off the disk but I do like to install my games.
  13. All N7 missions are on disk 2? Really!? Who thought this was a good idea? I had been playing only 3 hours ingame and already I've had to rebuild my Shepards face and get up to change the disk twice? I know this sounds like a relatively minor whine but it really isn't to me. In this day and age I expect to be able to enjoy an immersive game immersively. Right now I don't feel immersed so much as annoyed.
  14. I'm not entirely sure but I think I unlocked it after beating Caius in Oerba. If I remember or find out I'll post for you. Edit: The gate near the beach in Oerba after the Caius battle leads to 01X-AF
  15. I have no idea what goes in what Chapter where since this game isn't nearly as linear as FF13 was. I have found the void beyond though and frankly I'm a little puzzled how I did it myself. I'm going to explain here so if anyone else has this trouble they hopefully can try what happened to me. First of all I went to all the area's currently open to me at that time and made sure I had all the gates unlocked and the fragments found. New Bodhum 003-AF 1 Gate 4/4 Fragments Bresha Ruins 005-AF 3 Gates 7/8 Fragments Bresha Ruins 300-AF 1 Gate 3/4 Fragments * Yaschas Massif 010-AF 1 Gate 5/5 Fragments Yaschas Massif 110-AF 4/6 Fragments * Yaschas Massif 01X-AF 1/2 Gates 1/4 Fragments * Oerba 200-AF 1 Gate 3/5 Fragments Sunleth Waterscape 300-AF 3 Gates 2/2 Fragments * Archylte Steppe Year Unknown 0 Gates 6/12 Fragements * Are the places I went to since starting my game today after deciding I'm stuck. I began at Sunleth and entered and exited from all 4 gates trying to trigger my problem. It did not work. I then went to Bresha 300-AF to essentially play in the snow. I unlocked the gate there and went to Yaschas 110-AF where I walked in circles collected stuff to clear the 4 red orbs and play with a clock. From there I went to Yaschas Massif 01X-AF where I opened a gate & this gate took me to the Void Beyond! For the record there are 2 Gates in this timeline and I only opened the gate that is located in the far south of the map marked by a grey gate symbol. Upon entering this gate off I went to the Void Beyond. At no point did I even go to Bresha 005-AF because I had the 3 Gates opened and was not going to bother with that 7/8 Fragments until I had opened all the gates so I skipped the timeline entirely. So there you go for anyone who's stuck too try going to these places I've mentioned and do what I did. It worked for me. And no I don't have any idea why.
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