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  1. If you're gonna talk bugs, acknowledge that GTAV is one massive bug in sheeps clothing. amount of content means nothing if it's lazy sub-par content that they ripped from SR. Better with off with SR4, much more fun to be had.
  2. you are essentially ghost hacking, i don't see why you are surprised you got banned
  3. and here i thought all the meat was in the online. Poor MoH.
  4. I'm just now wrapping it up and i actually enjoyed it. overly simplistic, yea: there's essentially three guns - full auto, pistol, shotgun. they all bleed together. AI is dumb as shit, but all in all, it killed time while I wait until i get my hands on a next gen console. Not to mention I bought this for free, that doesn't hurt.
  5. I never had any problems with it, must be part robot
  6. i have those same problems. really pisses me off trying to do this specific challenges and they are made impossible by shitty glitches. the first two were perfect, what gives?
  7. Why they would take that awesome feature out, nobody knows... Wait... Yes we do. Greedy EA.
  8. It popped for me after my next level, it may just need a jolt to realize where you are.
  9. I can't believe I'm just discovering, score!
  10. gotta love it when a forum devolves into meme splattering
  11. absolutely, it was incredibly cheap of them to add all that build up only to beat him with a simple push of the X button. as for jen, i agree with fish that it was probably a nod to the original game
  12. i did the some thing, only i used berserker mode to keep my combo up
  13. that was great, my kill time went from 1:00 to 20 secs
  14. I had my car breakdance into a river Also all the sound is about a second and a half late
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