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  1. (……年下なの? その人) LT Achievement:初めての妄想トリガー (This bit is the first thing in the guide after starting the game.) The game has had an update so it's possible this text was changed. but yeah... this text is wrong. ALSO, IMPORTANT!!! If you're missing what looks to be 1CG after following this guide to the letter (the achievement app will be at 99% for the CG achievement), load save #3, and choose the left option of the three, then the right option. You'll get a bad ending, and the CG achievement will pop, followed by the last remaining achievement.
  2. I never did get that kiss in the end man

  3. Temple Run 2 for Windows 8 Phones - needs a gyroscope, so WILL NOT WORK on Nokia lumia 520.
  4. For those that don't know since the image is not there, "Quick load" is クイックロード "Save" is セーブ I have the 1000 now, thank you sanger
  5. There does appear to be a couple of errors under the messages from Shining Finger segment. [Load Slot 1] そっかぁ -> すごいね! 何をしてるの? それじゃあ (FINAL) The bit in RED is NOT a reply, however, the bit in BLUE goes where the bit in RED is for a reply. The bit in GREEN does not appear here, but the bit in RED appears where the bit in GREEN is, so this part of the walkthrough SHOULD look like this: [Load Slot 1] そっかぁ -> 何をしてるの? すごいね!(FINAL) (view the attachment) Finally, it might be a good idea to tell people to activate 'QUICK SAVE' before loading a point. This doesn't erase or change any save files, but saves the system file, so that all messages read are saved at this point, so you can't miss anything. Hope this helps.
  6. This guide is not very clear at all If the guy writing it hadn't put regarding so many things, "I'm not going to write this anymore, so just do it", it would be much clearer. Writing what he has is complete lazyness. The guide is not clear, because a lot of the messages and stuff in playthrough 1 (all I've managed to do so far, aren't even clear. This is extremely annoying because if I have it repeating, do I check the phone every time the phone sound goes off? Do I check it and do the next action every time the game stops from the repeating and wants me to do something, by pressing A to read the messages at the bottom of the screen, not on the phone? The guide does not go through this, and it's extremely annoying. A guide should be CRYSTAL CLEAR for being a walkthrough, otherwise it's a 'tips and hints' not a walkthrough.
  7. Under Defeat HD is incorrect. There's one for Japan, one for everywhere else. The Europe version is the same as the USA version.
  8. You can also post "Maximalist" achievement (10G) from Battle Vs. Chess PC. That's fucked too. I'm first person to get to 990G in it, and it should have unlocked, but didn't.
  9. Here is the conversation I'm currently having with Tik Games regarding the glitches in this game:
  10. What's the soft backspin shot you are on about? I've been trying to beat Jung Soo with Kumi for about 3 hours and am still having trouble. Ace serve doesn't work and he seems to return-score everything. Sorry for old thread revival, but I google searched "Kumi vs Jung soo" and this was the ONLY thing that came up.
  11. Well that's wrong, Valentino, because Jesper ALWAYS hits the net.
  12. Feel free to delete the post if you want. I just ahd to vent what I thought, and felt, was a review which was a little high considering... Heck, 90's still a good score, right?
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