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  1. If anyone needs the Heaven Can Wait Achievement, please DM me. Gamertag: Acheru.
  2. Hi I need that Achievement too. I will connect tonight (around 00:00 GTM+1). My GT: Acheru.
  3. Hi. I am looking for a partner for getting the Awakened DLC Achievements. If anyone is interested, please contact me. GT: Acheru.
  4. Many thanks, Dead Space Girl. I am terrified about the "Always Connected" future now... XD ¡Gracias!
  5. Hola. I am having a huge problem with my 1999 run. I have prorgressed well into to chapter 4 and was about to get killed, and then I paused the game and hit "return to last checkpoint" so I didn't have to spend money (as recommended in this thread) But then I find out the game charges my last save from my previous game (final chapter, medium difficulty) and had to start over again. This has happened twice now. I have seen the autosaving icon on screen several times on both ocassions. Is there something I am missing or could it be a bug? I am playing on a console not connected to the internet. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hola, I am way into my Insane playthrough and would like to share a weapon combination I find extremely effective -to the point of making the game almost too easy. Primary - M1 with explosive magazine, Holo sight and Muzzle Brake. Secondary: S-12 Shotgun, Dragon's Breath Magazine and Granade Launcher. You can pick targets at medium-long range with the M1, only needing 1 or2 shots to take them down due to the explosive bullets. The S-12 comes handy for CQC and can kill a Heavy with just a couple of rapid firing mags (and he would be hurting after the first one and wouldn't return fire. Just my to cents. It would be nice if we all shared our preferred loadout here. Enjoy!
  7. Brothers, I am looking for dedicated players for completing the Chaos dlc achievements. I need all of them. If you add me, please carry on till the end, as I really need to have this game maxed out! (I love it that much) I will dedicate myself for all of us to get the achievements in return. I have all the perks and weapons already. Gametag Acheru If you add me, please let me know it is for playing Space Marine. Thanks!
  8. Hola, I am looking for a team in order to get the hosting/horde achievements from both DLCs. Please, feel free to add me. Gamertag: Acheru See you in the field!
  9. After 3 games, seems to be glitched for me too. Still 1/5. It will be a long enough run without glitches, so I hope Epic fixes this
  10. Unlikely. I didn't boost (I am just level 14) and didn't pop for me. I hope we don't have another "Army of Two TFD" in hands.
  11. Will be boosting this evening with a friend. We would need another player for putting those multi-kills out of the way. Ave Dominus Nox.
  12. @Joatheb, I am on right now and will be happy to help youvwith those cheevos and boost the challenges.
  13. I will be on almost all day for boosting the bolter, storm bolter and heavy bolter kill streaks. Send me message and FR, please.
  14. I am looking for players to boost the keeper of the armoury achievement. I am on right now (playing as a Night Lord ) Gamertag: Acheru
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