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  1. Usually my problem is it disconnecting me from searching for gaming sessions but last night was horrible with mid match disconnects. With my luck the disconnects were when I was doing well and working on my 5 kill streaks. I probably got disconnected mid match once every three or four rounds and it would disconnect me while searching every two or three rounds. Is it a problem on ubisofts part or is it just crappy connections with the host of the session? Hopefully there's something they can do and patch it.
  2. If anyone still cares or is interested in what I was talking about on the previous page (backwards compatible games without save files) here are some games I found that have their own server side saves: Dorito's Crash Course Earthworm Jim HD Iron Brigade Monday Night Combat Splosion Man Toy Soldiers Trials HD
  3. If they're stored to the gamertag does that mean they're technically already in a different cloud server and my progress will transfer to a BC version? I guess I'll have to investigate tonight after work.
  4. I'm not sure if this has been asked, I can't search well on my phone. Sorry if it's a repost. Do some 360 games not have save files? I went to clear out my BC games from my 360 and put the saves in the cloud. I found certain games that I have played didn't have a file I could transfer. Maybe it's things I lost during transfers of storage devices but figured I'd ask. I don't remember for sure but I think some games were: Both keflings, feeding frenzy and earthworm Jim.
  5. Should I pick up rayman origins from the ultimate sale or should I go straight to legends from games with gold?
  6. Been hoping New Vegas and I am Alive. If I got DLC for New Vegas through a second disc on the 360 am I out of luck on the X1 for free dlc? I don't have the disc anymore so it's either rebuy the disc or just buy the dlc?
  7. Been playing dying light with my friend. I really like it, much better than dead island. We just got to the second area and I'm one level away from being maxed out on two skill trees. I just finished valiant hearts. I like the look of it and the pictures and info it gives on world war one. I'll probably finish the force unleashed next, just need to beat it on the hardest difficulty.
  8. Thanks! It wasn't so much a comparison in game structure as it was saying they're both first person rpgs. It will probably be a while before I play TW since I have witcher 3 and I've heard so many good things.
  9. Thanks. How's the story? Are quests mostly fetch quests or do they feel like they have a good story behind them? If you've played them would you suggest ESO over Two Worlds (1 & 2)? I've had those for a while and have thought about giving them a try. I heard those are mediocre as well, with one of them being worse than the other.
  10. Hopefully I get a decent response since it seems this thread is slow. How is Elder Scrolls Online? I have the witcher and would play that first but the last two sales ESO has been on sale and I really like first person RPGs. I'm not expecting multiplayer Skyrim, but I like the worlds that oblivion and Skyrim built. If I want the DLC would the bundle with 5,500 silver be the best price? I saw that the DLCs are 2,000 each, could I buy 500 silver to get the third DLC or will it make me buy a larger amount? Thanks!
  11. No, not at all. I'm going to buy a game if I know I'm going to play it shortly after buying it. I'll still buy games if they're cheap and I know I will like it. If I spend $5 here and there and a few of those games go free I'm not going to be upset since it's not much. "Tricked by DwG" is poor wording. I was responding and saying I'd buy a bunch of $5 games and some would go free that I hadn't touched. I've never been upset when a game goes free that I previously purchased and haven't played because the majority of those games I've purchased for so little. I'm not saying I won't buy a game for fear it will go free. I'm saying I should show a little more self control and not buy EVERY game I'm interested in as soon as it's under $5. EDIT: Looking at my previous post I realized my last sentence may have been misleading. I wasn't saying I'm never going to buy a $60 game because it might go free. I was saying I'm buy $5 games that go free so it's not a big deal since it's not like I'm paying full retail price.
  12. My problem would be getting tricked by deals with gold. I'd buy a retail game for $5 and a few months later it would be free. I'm not buying $60 retail games that go free later.
  13. I usually already own at least one of the free games each month (don't own any this month!) and at least half the time when I own it already I haven't played. That's why I've cut back on purchases, so I can work on my backlog.
  14. It's not very often I don't own at least one GwG title in any given month. There's nothing I want to play immediately but I'd give them all a play eventually. Haven't played Gears 2 in a long time.
  15. I got the email as well and tried the uplay work around but it says I currently don't have any beta access. Hopefully it fixes itself.
  16. If your console is on auto off it won't work, so make sure that setting is off. When my controller is plugged into the console it turns on automatically if I use something else to turn my X1 on. It stays on while it's plugged in but turns off once the xbox is off. I'm not familiar with this achievement, I'm assuming it's single player? I think I recall GTA:O having a kick for idling on the 360.
  17. I got excited when I saw jackbox and immediately bummed when I saw the second one was not on sale alone. My family has a lot of fun with those games. I've noticed they're doing the 'bundle goes on sale but not individual games' thing frequently.
  18. I am considering getting it on sale. I used up my ten hours with EA access and VII made me want to play it more.
  19. Hours must include apps too. My hours are probably a lot of netflix/hulu. Apparently I didn't play any GwG games since it's telling me my most played is one I know I haven't played yet. Hours: 4,252 Gamerscore: 10,186 Achievements: 495 How do I find games played/completed without manually counting?
  20. Last game I completed was Assassin's Creed Unity. I got it on release, played a little then stopped. Went back to it six months later and the same thing. Decided to grind it out since syndicate was out. I liked some of the changes they made but it isn't my top AC game. I'd give it a 6.5/10. currently playing fallout. I'm about 20 hours in and enjoying myself. The perks took a bit of getting used to. It looks fantastic and I'm enjoying taking my time. As of right now I'd give it a 9/10.
  21. Technically nothing is missable. The complete all non repeating challenges becomes much harder after destroying the convoys.
  22. Braiiins

    Map Button

    I'm assuming someone has tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? I know that's a pain, I was just wondering if it's something tied to the patch or if it's tied to a save once it happens.
  23. Have you gone in the airport for any missions yet? There's a second mission in there and I believe that location (if it's the one i'm thinking of with 12 things of scrap) is the one you need. The first six should be no problem to find, but the second set of six can be a pain and make you go all the way back if you progress too far. There's a part where you need to search 3 tunnels, each tunnel has an objective and 2 scrap. Get the scrap in all 3 tunnels before approaching any of the objectives, once you approach two of them the story progresses and you need to come back to go in the third tunnel.
  24. Braiiins

    Map Button

    I didn't have this problem but I did have the disappearing minimap/HUD. You may want to try doing a death race, once I entered one everything reappeared.
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