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  1. You can add me up for boosting as well. Most of the achievements can be quite easy to get but the feats, badges, and a couple of other ones will require boosting. Gamertag:S3baman88
  2. Hey guys, I need help boosting the 100 ranked wins. In return I can help out with Primarch for both campaigns as well as The Last Stand (I have a lvl 20 Sorcerer). GT:S3baman88
  3. The achievement is boostable but you also have to get lucky. The idea is to invite one of your friends to the game lobby before you start searching for a ranked grand prix. As soon as you enter the lobby, press ready if it's the two of you, the race might start before more people join the session. I got mine on PC so I can't say about the XBox version, but there are not many people who play a Grand Prix as it takes about 30 minutes to complete one. Hope this was helpful.
  4. Hey guys, I have the viral achievement on PC if anyone is interested. I also want to boost with a party for the lvl 50 and win a grand prix achievements. Gamertag: S3baman88
  5. I'm available for the afternoon session.
  6. Hey guys, I decided to join in on your quest for Seriously and the other online achievements lol. I'm free pretty much all day for the next 2 months as I'm in a summer break. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon. PS. I'm on the East Coast, but I can help with EU players if its not to early in the morning for me (i.e. 12:00-13:00 CET)
  7. Count me in for the Chaos Undivided achievement. Also if you want the Elite Strike Force send me an invite. cptObbes, maybe you can join us for the Chaos Undivived. Also, I'm on lvl 16 with my sorc, so if you're interested in Usurper, we can hook up. gamertag: S3baman88 steamtag: S3baman
  8. Thanks a lot for the great work you put into this guide. I haven't finished the game yet, but I can say that this guide will save me a lot of time searching for those small diamonds and pearls.
  9. Hey all, I'm looking for somebody to boost the Chaos Rising online achievements along with the 100 wins and 50 revivals. If interested, send me an invite or message on LIVE or steam. gamertag: S3baman88 steamtag: S3baman
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for a party to boost the ranked achievements along with the other online ones. Gamertag: S3baman88 steamtag S3baman
  11. PC player here. Looking to boost the MP achievements, including the cross-platform ones if any Xbox players are available. Gamertag: S3baman88
  12. Hey guys, I'm also in need of boosting the online achievements. Gamertag: S3baman88
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