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  1. hey all! just bought the game after loving Garden Warfare 2 and Neighborville. Was wondering if anyone is still playing this game or willing to jump back in. Gamertag is Sadlyshesaid send message specifying if you want to play. i am not a novice but also not a master of the game. i fall somewhere in between those skill levels! also, i am a girl gamer and am not into excessive foul language or bashing other players. please keep this in mind! i have lots of availability most days as long as its before 3pm.
  2. Does this game freeze on your consoles? Mine freezes or says disc read error (which is ridiculous...) and this is a new console. regardless... yes, worth the price! so fun!
  3. auto aim... i have been playing up until level 17 without even knowing auto aim existed. now that i have activated auto aim... my kills per match have skyrocketed. I almost feel like im cheating.
  4. This website was of TREMENDOUS help to me. You can only do one word at a time, but it works well. http://sixf00t4.com/words-with-josh/ While going for the million dollar wedge achievement this saved me a ton of frustration.
  5. I'll play. I need to grind out some godly items and I have some other accomplishments left. I have a couple high level characters. If you're still looking to play.
  6. I guess maybe this forum is dead... but in case anyone is still around. I must have tried this air juggle for 10 seconds thing like 20 times now. Counting to 10 sometimes 15. No achievement. I'm trying the method w/Night at the opera where you teleport to the ceiling when the guys go to drop the grenades and mashing x button. I tried the holding down arrow then mashing x method as described in the achievement guide and that does absolutely nothing. So, I saw someone mention using the Uzi's. Did the jetpack arcade chapter. Cornered two guys near a wall and just spammed the Uzi. Finally. Achievement.
  7. Also looking to do the xbox live achievements. GT : Sadlyshesaid Can be on whenever just message me
  8. Hmm... anyone still helping out with this godly gear thing? I just want the accomplishment. I will give it all back. Don't need it for the stats.
  9. I'm looking for help with EASHL playoff win, HUT tournament qualify, and 250 games played. I have a team and we both need these and willing to help out with others. Want to get this game done SOON. So if anyone wants to seriously boost this. I'm definitely up to finish it ASAP. This coming week I can be online any time of day. Message Gamertag : Sadlyshesaid
  10. Anyone know if 500 games can be single player? Or is it 500 online only? I didn't purchase game yet, thinking about it. If I get it I will certainly boost with anyone.
  11. Was wondering if this game will work on American consoles. Been looking online, can't seem to find a definitive answer and the companies website seems to be broken right now. (All links turn to 404 errors.) Is there a region or ... Thanks !
  12. FYI ! Logged into my game today to find that I finally finally finally was able to figure out why it said i was on a team and then accept a new invitation. So, anyone else who was previously having issues and had given up, check your account. If mine is working I'm sure they must have fixed something!
  13. Okay. so ... Tuikama Race or whatever its called. Achievement description says complete all levels with all 8 characters. I'm counting seven. ...? And completed with all 7. Where is number 8? Is there an unlockable character?
  14. where did you get 3 tetradic tiaras? I managed to get one so far. and don't even remember where i got that. as far as the crystarium. i had reached the role levels, im pretty sure. i did manage to beat the boss. im about to fight proudclad for the first time. the strategy guide has a terrible explanation for beating that previously mentioned boss. so, naturally, i dont trust to even bother reading their explanation for proudclad. i did end up upgrading the weapons for my 3 main characters to tier 2. well, all but Fangs. I don't have the gil to get the catalyst yet for her lance. i've been trying not to do too much grinding, I was told its not very worthwhile until post main storyline. i guess that would be incorrect. haha. thanks a lot for the suggestions though. wasn't expecting such a thorough response. great information. why didn't you write the guide? lol
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