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  1. 1 out of 5 games I get booted out about half way through
  2. I need a partner for Arena Slayer that doesn't suck, I'm way better than a platinum but constant quitters and garbage players are holding me back, GT "Stars Exploding"
  3. Looking to boost all the online achievements before the servers shutdown. GT VELOSCILLATOR
  4. No boosting is required for the multiplayer achievements as they can be obtained in a private match alone. I unlocked the 1st win, 10 wins, and League Win achievements so far all alone. So I can confirm that it works.
  5. The AI is out for blood, dirty racers that should be banned from Nascar for life..
  6. I have wrecked about 10 times on Talladega and still no achievement, maybe i'm missing something.. So I guess it's tricky to get it to register that YOU are the one causing the accident, I finally got it after like 15 attempts
  7. I missed the hmmmm achievement, if anyone could help me out i would really appreciate it
  8. Looking for a co op partner Gt is VELOSCILLATOR
  9. Looking to boost any and all mp achievements Gt is VELOSCILLATOR
  10. I just need to play a game on vertigo to shoot the electrical charges gt veloscillator
  11. I need Ashes to Ashes, it may be glitched for me but I am going to keep trying, message me GT veloscillator
  12. I am looking to organize a 16 player party, preferably just 4 people with 4 controllers to get shatter in big team battle in order to unlock "size is everything" it's pretty much impossible to get without boosting. my gt is veloscillator
  13. I am level 52, playing on true vault hunter mode, I am having trouble beating the Hyperion Slaughter Round 4 and 5, it is the only quest I need in order to unlock the Did It All achievement. If someone around level 55 or higher could help me out I would surely appreciate it GT : Veloscillator
  14. we need 1 person right now, with 1 controller, we have 15 gt Veloscillator
  15. this game is fucked, they aren't going to fix anything
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