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Status Updates posted by Sirius

  1. <3 huehuehue

  2. :'( y u do dis

  3. huehuehuehue

  4. I will hop on at some point when I am free D:

  5. You might want to get your eyesight checked out.


    We shud liek totally talk sumtiem

  6. Some fucking guy

  7. Dear Snowman,


    your latest signatures are the best



    -back into the shadows-

  8. Totoro is awesome y0

  9. Why hello there.

  10. but... why :(


  11. You are never on MSN :(

  12. yunder


  13. Haven't been playing as of late. Are you still playing?


    Maybe I'll play with you :p

  14. Yeah man. Got Continuum Shift for my PS3, love that game ^_^


    Trying to main Hakumen :x

  15. I know, she is always there to boost my self-esteem

  16. Hey I have a nice figure

  17. :p BlazBlue ftw ^_^
  18. You have no friends

  19. http://media.strategywiki.org/images/thumb/b/bf/BlazBlue_CT_Hands_Where_I_Can_See_Them_achievement.png/120px-BlazBlue_CT_Hands_Where_I_Can_See_Them_achievement.png
  20. Nope not at all

  21. I would never -__-

  22. You are the spawn of Satan


    How could you play..... ALLIANCE!?

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