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  1. *Edit Just finished this game, good luck to anyone else going for it =]
  2. *EDIT* Done with this game, good luck to the rest of ya =D
  3. Hi, I'm looking to boost the multiplayer achievos in this game, just send me a message or friend request to GT: VonBlackHawk
  4. Hi, if anyone is still looking to boost this games multiplayer send me a message or friend request to my gamertag: VonBlackHawk
  5. Yo I'm looking to boost most of the online achievements, I'm on most of the time GT VonBlackHawk. Hopefully get the crew cut and wins pretty quick then move on to the level 100 grind
  6. *Edit Got all the achievos now, good luck to those still trying
  7. *Edit: No longer need this, good luck to those still after it
  8. Hi, I need to get the 5 wins achievo, if anyone is still boosting this just send me a message and we can get this done GT: VonBlackHawk I'm on most nights =D
  9. Hi guys, Im looking to do the non-dlc achievements since I don't have the dlc =] Message me if you're interested in boosting, my GT is VonBlackHawk
  10. Hello, looking to boost kingpin and other online achievos =] Send me a message on xbox live, GT: VonBlackHawk
  11. Edit, got the achievement, big shout out to Paladin Kodiak you're awesome pal.
  12. Looking for someone to help with these achievos, send me a message on xbox live GT: VonBlackHawk ***Edit*** Just got the achievos, good luck to people still going for it =]
  13. Hi I'm looking for a group to do most of the dlc multiplayer achievos Just send me a message, my gamertag is VonBlackHawk
  14. Edit: Done but anyone with a spare 48hour gold card, I'd gladly trade my help in any game Ive got for it =] I also could use help getting the hug achievo, GT: VonBlackHawk Thanks
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