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  1. Animal AI is pretty good I would say. Herbivores like deer will be calm unless you get too close when they will bolt for it. Likewise a gunshot will make the run for it. Predators will often charge at you when they see or hear you. Unless they get too injured when they will often try and run away. Likewise a very nice touch is that the flamethrower will scare them away. I in fact always carried a flamethrower just so that if a tiger or leopard or bear got the jump on me I could bring it out and scare it away. Packs of animals will often attack until you kill too many of them. For example 3 dingos will attack, if you kill one then the remaining two still attack. When you have killed 2 the last one will run away though. Sharks will go after you if you are in the water. But if you get out on land will stay roughly in the area for a while.
  2. I think you are probably just having the same issue as I had. Which is that one of the pirates is kinda hard to find. There is one that is next to a fork in a road and with a big stone next to it. The majority of the area is on a slope overlooking the road. However the pirate is actually slumped against the rock at road level. Other two locations I don't remember as well. The hill overlooking the town the pirate should be in the foliage near the top of the hill. The other location just by a road I think he is just to the left of the road when you enter the area.
  3. In that area there is a little underwater temple filled with treasure chests. That sits just below the water. However you can climb on top of it. The thing with the sharks is that unless you are in the water they will go between the surface and underwater and won't come that close to you. So all I did was go on that little temple. Mark all nearby sharks. Jump in the water with my back to the wall. Wait until they started getting close then just turn around and climb out. Then all the sharks are at the surface and close to you. Also just in case people don't realise the bow you get on that mission the reticule is the two little red sticks that are above the arrow on it.
  4. Since people are talking about the crocodiles I will tell my story. I knew they were in the game but was about 10 ours in and hadn't encountered one. I was going after a relic that was seemingly mid waterfall. So I tried dropping off and landing in the waterfall. Instead I slipped over the edge, hit some rocks on the way down taking damage and landed in the water. Feeling pretty stupid about this I went to swim to shore and all of a sudden CROCODILE attack from behind. I very nearly screamed out loud.
  5. There are lots of sharks. The worst thing is that in the water you have no way of attacking (at least not that I have acquired yet). So your only hope is to swim to land or find somewhere to hide underwater. Although the sharks stay close to the surface 99% of the time so as long as you scan the water with binoculars first you are fine. Any you see you can take out in just a few shots from a good assault rifle.
  6. For ''Fearless or stupid'' The achievement to dive more than 60m. I thought I would let people know that this isn't ''Dive'' as in dive off a cliff 60m into water. But dive as in free dive underwater. Only place I have found to do it so far is located at X. 754.6 Y. 655.8. It is basically a big sink hole underwater. Easy to spot as a black spot on the map with a relic and treasure at the bottom. Simply swim to the bottom and you will get it. If you want to live to swim back up you will need to either use the herb to extend breath time or have the skill that does it.
  7. Great guide so far! Just thought I would add that I believe the achievement ''Fully Inked'' is also missable. The reason being that some skills have criteria to make them unlockable. One of them has the criteria to take two outposts without being detected. To get unheard you only need one, so would in fact need another one to get all skills. Would be a pain to have to start a new game to re-earn ALL skills if you missed it. Also off-topic but iBuzz7S's comment is rather rude =/ Especially from a mod. To say part of a guide ''looks like shit'' when it has only just begun? And due to an error with the site note the TC =/
  8. I would say 10 hours is a fair estimate for it. 5 hours is WAY too short. Doing the lil kids mode of TJ+E2 is only about 30mins. However then the normal play through is actually fairly lengthy. Not sure how long it took me but I went through about 2 and a half podcasts so must have been around 5hours. Fixed world play through of TJ+E will vary depending on whether you use maps or have played the game before. I think this run took me about 1 and a half hours or so. Random world play through I would say 3 hours is a fair estimate. Depends on how lucky you get with maps and ship pieces. For difficulty I would actually say the game could be a 1 or 2 out of 10. Simply because the games were never designed for save states and having them makes it unimaginably easy. Also feel I should add for people that a lot of the achievements in TJ+E2 are unmissable/99.9999999999% unmissable. The only ones I would say are missable being ''shake rattle and fall'', ''I'll just go on ahead'' and ''Cleaner, better, faster, easier''
  9. Glad my tips helped! The slingshot and tomatoes are the same. Just the distance they fire is different. The gerbils, mad scientists, mailboxes, ice cream vans, bees, hula girls, devils, mums with trolleys, lawn mower men, boogie men, moles etc can ALL be defeated with tomatoes or a slingshot. I think even sharks can be killed with them. The only thing tomatoes/slingshots won't work on is Cherubs as you can't hit them. Even then if I remember the tomato rain can kill a cherub if it happens to hit. Tomatoes will kill a demon mailbox. It just takes quite a lot of them. Over 10 hits if I recall. Often you can actually get in a position where the mailbox simply won't attack though. Just stand as far away as possible, put some water between you, some space etc. As far as I'm aware there isn't really a set level that you will get certain presents in the random worlds. It's just chance. So yea the only way to hurt enemies yourself (except cherubs who need to be jumped over) is tomatoes. Doesn't matter whether it is tomato rain, throwing them or slingshotting them. Only other thing that can help you attack is the boombox which makes enemies dance in place. Making it easier to hit them with tomatoes. Or if you find a opera singer you can pay her $3 and she will kill all enemies on screen.
  10. Hey guys. I was going to write a proper guide format for Toejam and Earl however unfortunately I don't quite have the free time and the forum is so quiet I don't know how useful it would be. So instead I thought I would just create a thread for some tips/discussions. Wh-wh-what Time Is It!? - Woke up from a nap. This can easily be the first achievement you get. To nap you can either use the school book present or much easier just stand still for a while. If you do this on the first level then there are no enemies and you can nap safely. To wake up simply tap x. The Mailbox Ate My Mail - Defeated a Demon Mailbox. The demon mailboxes look identical to normal mailboxes but occasionally eyes will appear and if you get too close they will attack. Take them out with a slingshot at distance or more dangerously with tomatoes. They take a fair amount of hits to take down but can be killed even when in their hiding mode. They won't start appearing until a few levels into the game. It's All About The Kicks - Dashed with the Super Hitops. Simply use the super hitops presents. You will get some at the start of the game. We're Unstoppable - Flew across water using the Rocket Skates. Best to do this on level 1. At the top right of the map is an island with 5 presents on it. And at the bottom left is the drop to level 0. Simply use rocketskates to go across the water to one of these islands. Best to have either 2 rocketskates, icarus wings or innertube so you can make the return journey. Lovin' This Earth Lifestyle - Jumped in the bath on Floor 0. As I said this is located at the bottom left of the floor 1 map. To get there you need either an innertube, icarus wings or rocket skates. Fallen Angel - Defeated a Cupid. To defeat a cupid you need to go over them. This can be easily done by using a charged jump with spring shoes. Or also achieved by using togetherness and falling on them. Rarely it can also happen when you drop a floor. Spring shoes are the best option though. EDIT: You can also use icarus wings to fly over them, or run into the edge of land with hitops and jump over them. Even Adults Like Presents - Snagged some goodies from Santa. Santa will randomly appear on floors. When you see him I suggest saving your game. Now he will alternate between looking around in his sack and then looking up to the left and right. To get presents from him you need to tiptoe (hold x) up to him. It is basically a game of hot and cold. When he looks in the sack tiptoe. When he looks up stop moving completely. When you reach him he will be startled and drop 3 presents. The Long Road To Funkiness - Obtain a rank of FUNK LORD. Funk Lord is the final rank in the game. Ranks give you extra health and lives. You will gain ranks by getting points. Every square on the map gives you one point, every present used gives you 2 points and enemies will also give 2 points when defeated. So to reach Funk lord it is best to fully explore the easier levels with little enemies (floor 1-5). Use as many presents as you can. Even if they are a little bad. E.g. Find a safe place and use the schoolbook as you will get 2 points. EDIT: 880 points is needed for FUNK LORD. This is easily achievable (I obtained it at level 14). Also should add there are presents that give you a promotion. They will simply take you to the points needed for the next rank. So try and save them for when you have just ranked up so they give you an entire rank. If you are at 175 points and use one it will simply take you to 180 points. Whereas if you were at 101 points it would still take you all the way to 180. This Earth Food Isn't Half Bad! - Eat all of Earth's delicacies. Food either regains or takes away your health. As of yet I'm not 100% sure of what is needed for this achievement (only good? Good+presents? Good+presents+bad?) So I will list all food items. Presents - Food, Rootbeer, Fudge Sundae Good - Candy Cane, Cereal, Bacon n eggs, Watermelon, pancakes, Cherry Pie, Fries, Pizza, Fudge Cake, Fudge Sundae, Hamburger Bad - Fish Bones, Rotten Cabbage, Fungus, Moldy Bread, Old Cheese EDIT: The last thing I ate that got me the achievement was bacon n eggs. However I had already eaten all the bad things so am unsure if they are needed. Smell Ya Later, Earth! / Word Up! Back To Outer Space! - Clear the Fixed World. / Clear a Random World. At the start of the game you will have to choose either the fixed world or a random one. There are maps of the fixed worlds on the internet so this is the easiest one. To finish the game you must find all the ship pieces. Honestly this is just a case of playing the game. However if you are having trouble then the XBLA version has a HUGE advantage. You can save and load the game as much as you want. So if you are having difficulties I would suggest saving the game, trying out your presents and seeing what they are, then reload the game and carry on knowing what presents you have. This will mean you can avoid using total bummers, rainclouds, randomizers etc. Will add some specifics to my tips later such as the point total needed for funklord etc. It's a pretty straight forward game so imagine there won't be many questions but if there are I will be happy to help.
  11. Yup. I have never seen that 1 weapon unlocked one lol. I turned it off because it annoyed me in the frontier when it would tell me about entering a new area.
  12. You can just turn off notifications in the hud setting. Since they are listed out in the menu anyway if something happens you want to check they are there. Personally I found them insanely annoying. When entering a new area and it would pop up etc. Also had the same experience of the ring only reflecting some things. I think maybe if it's multiple bullets at once you still take damage.
  13. I don't think anyone is complaining the achievements are hard. Rather that they are laborious. I don't mind doing a game like NG2, Bayonetta or Halo Reach solo on legendary. It's not the difficulty I mind. It's the ridiculous thing of getting through checkpoints with no problem but then messing up a single thing and having to redo the entire mission because of a badly placed checkpoint. I just proved I can do the first part no problem. Making me do it again isn't a test of skill. It's a test of free time.
  14. The highlighted bit is by far the worst thing. It's like they looked at the tank mission in AC:B where if you got damaged you had to redo the entire mission and said ''Yea that's what people want!''. I forget which one it was but there was one of the naval missions where you have to slowly go through an area of narrow rocks, then do a battle, then more ships appear and there is a criteria against those ships. Mess it up and the game autosaves and boom go re-do the entire mission. So 15minutes of unfun gameplay again to attempt something. Honestly I'm just amazed at how terribly thought out the entire game is. From the moment they announced it I thought ''In a game about fighting and climbing they are going to set it in open areas and cities with no tall buildings?'' and yup that's how it is. Whenever I play the game all it does is remind me that Red Dead Redemption is a great game. Since AC2/AC:B the series has been downhill -_-
  15. Thanks for the link man. I had assumed my game was glitched but wow they just don't bother to show you where it is? There must be about 12hours of gameplay between me getting and finishing the tournament quests. Really amazed at how shoddily done AC3 is =/
  16. Shopto. Arrived this morning. Never had a single game from them not arrive at least the day before release.
  17. For anyone having trouble I will just write a little guide I think will help. So assuming you start at the rail with the gap in the middle alongside the buses that leads to the stairs up. Simply dash and grind onto here. Jump the little gap, get as many grind tricks as you can then jump to the stairs. When you reach the top of the stairs jump to the left railing. This is easier if when you jump you hold the left stick forward and a little left, if you just hold left you will overshoot. Then grind a little and jump to the final right hand rail. Go down this and jump to the billboard, as soon as you hit the billboard jump again. You should do a flip and land on the rail on the ground. You will then have only a short time to hit your other jump. Make sure when doing this jump that before you hit the next rail you angle the stick a little right to make sure you are going the right way. If you feel you are going to come up short then leave the right tilt to the last millisecond. Then grind this rail. Now here is the tricky part. You need to wallride the billboard to the left of the truck. The biggest mistake it seems people make is jumping too late and not getting a wallride because they want the angle to be fully diagonal. You want to jump around just after the last flag on the left but before the truck on the right. This gives you a fair amount of air before the billboard, so you can hit it right, the wallride starts and you can jump. Now the last big problem is that often this final jump is WAY over the target. What you need to do is turn hard right. You will still get enough distance on the rail to grind and jump the gap. Turning right makes sure you actually hit it. Often I found myself going considerably off (maybe 1 or 2 car lengths from where straight ahead would have been). Once you get a feel for it it's actually very easy and you should easily hit the 100 hundred combo achievement.
  18. Not unless it has been patched in the last 5days or so. The gold gambling award was the last one I needed and I did it by simply reloading if I lost.
  19. I don't think it's that they cheat it's just that you are likely using the slowest car and a lot of races end with straights where the computer goes flat out. They take corners really slow. Personally I found the Velocita the best by far. I've heard people say the Tourno is actually better because it's only a little slower and handles better but honestly I don't see it. I can feel it is slower but in terms of handling I still end up using the handbrake just as much etc. I guess people maybe mean it's turning circle is better? For bikes I found the 1100 NA-R the best but I don't know if I was just crazy but it sounded ridiculously loud and totally drowned out the radio. So I just used the other A class bike instead (forget the name but the description calls it the penultimate pocketrocket)
  20. 2. That's often how it is when you speak different languages. If it wasn't there it would be far less realistic and natural feeling. 4. You're a cop. You can't just destroy the city. Honestly it is very easy to avoid. Don't want negatives? Don't crash into things. If they wanted to be harsh they could have made it so you got negatives during free roaming since you are still a cop. 5. No you're not a gangster you're a cop. If you could just randomly sling a shotgun on your back it would be very odd. Very confused why you think being arrested or dying you should keep weapons as well. 8. It's gps. It's the same as in every single other open world game. It gives you the fastest legal route. 9. You can choose radio stations if you don't like dubstep then change the station.
  21. ...wut? I hear almost non-stop English on the streets. ''Hey you want to buy a suit?'' ''A man without pork buns is without happiness (or something)''
  22. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showpost.php?p=5228877&postcount=8 It's in a sticky at the top of the page for crying out loud -_-
  23. It's been a few days since I played the game but since it seems the map is basically still as specific as it gets I thought I would try and help people out and write what I remember of locations. 1-3 - Simply walk around the main part of the night market and they are unmissable. 4 - While this is in the night market it isn't on the main shopping bit. The guy is down an alleyway leaning against a wall. 5 - This is actually a guy on the docks right by the water. Impossible to miss. 6 - Description is fine. In K-bar. 7 - Should just be a guy standing out on the street iirc. 8 - Unless I am misrembering this is actually inside a little shopping area that is a circle. 9 - When you enter the docks the guy is standing at the side of a building just to the left. 10 -When you leave your apartment there is a road that is almost straight ahead. The woman is in a little nook on the right side of this road. 11 - On the same road (straight ahead out of the apartment) there is a guy on the raised area to the left. Not actually on the street. 12 - This guy is at the left hand side of the big building here. Ground floor. 13 - I believe this was down the side of the entrance to the motorway. The guy is tucked away right next to the wall. 14 - This is actually in a little alleyway (alley goes from north to south) in the area with stairs etc. Near the apothecary 15 - Right by a vendor at the end of the docks. You can't miss it. 16 - This guy is actually out on the docks. Round the back of a houseboat.
  24. I hope you kept a backup save. To get the gold stat award you need to earn 1million - losses. So if your save is from after those 9 losses in a row then you are actually going to have to win 19 times.
  25. I'm sorry but how in the world did it take you 2 hours to try 9 times? It takes like two minutes to reload the game and go from the apartment to the cockfighting area.
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