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  1. My guess would be you be screwed. If you pressed A after being spotted, the game would have registered it. Quitting to dash sets you back in the game file to a point before you were ever spotted. My bad. I see you already got the 1000:gsicon:
  2. This was not true for me, unfortunately. First night I played it I got through 50 of the fights, got all the tattoos, did the 10 minutes on the bag and probably 5 minutes on the weights, went to the quit option in the menu, and when I booted it up the next day it put me back at the beginning of the scene, before even doing the retrieve mission in the boiler room. All my tattoos and money from the fights the previous night were gone. I'd recommend anyone doing this to get to the next point you see the game say "saving" just to be safe. You can always finish the fights at a later point (chapter 7 according to people's posts in a different thread).
  3. I'm already level 11, but I might just start a new save file. I bumped up to hardcore when it asked me, thinking I might get more xp. Thanks for the info on that. No point in being frustrated while grinding.
  4. I only have the Mediterranean Travelers DLC achievements left to get done. If anyone wants to boost those with me (they can all be done with just 2 people), let me know. I'm usually on after 8:30pm CST, but tonight I'll probably be available earlier if need be. GT = SG CodSteaks
  5. Are these the only running guys who will show up on your map with a red icon? Because I swear I've caught a few of these guys already, and the last 2 times I made sure I was just tackling them without killing them, and I still have not received any credit for the Thieves challenge.
  6. Similar thing happening for me. I only got the Mayan ruin content, no other missions and no outfits. I even got a message at some point that the Mayan ruin content was open, but haven't seen anything pertaining to the others. I don't even have the other 2 missions you seem to have. Not sure what's happening. I posted regarding this in another thread about the DLC, also.
  7. The wiki page that's linked to earlier in this thread has the answer: you have to complete all the delivery requests for a certain area, then your progress will advance by 33% per area. So if you've done Troy's Wood and Lexington, you still have to do Valley Forge, then it should show 33% in your progress.
  8. Question for those who actually have the Season Pass and downloaded this: where exactly is the new content? I got a message saying the Mayan Ruin one was available, and I played that, but there's no sign of any of the other missions or the outfits in game. I wouldn't think you'd have to be to a certain point in the game before they unlock, do you?
  9. I'll definitely be doing this from now on. Never thought about it before this. I'm pretty sure I've had content download when I've been playing a game before, but maybe not something that directly affects the content of the game I'm playing at the time like this one did.
  10. No reason to believe you will have any problem at all.
  11. One other thing I noticed: after I started playing through the story again from the beginning (), I got the achievement for a recruit reaching assassin rank. I'm assuming I sent him out on a mission before I stopped playing the night before, and the mission finished while I was playing last night, meaning that part of the game is still running in the background. Except I'm so early in the story that I don't even have access to my recruits anymore. I'm wondering when I get to that point in the story again is it going to give me my leveled up guys right off the bat? Or is that gonna cause some other kind of glitch? When I look at my DNA tracker it still shows the recruits and their percentages haven't changed. I think I'm going to just keep playing this save file so I can report whether or not it causes any more problems later on. It's a gamble on my part. I could keep playing from this point and not have any problems, or I could get close to 100% and find out something isn't going to work and I won't be able to get there, meaning I'll have to start all over at that point. We'll see. ... Although 28% would be easier to throw away now than 98% later.
  12. Good to know. Sounds like this thing may only occur if the DLC download completes while you're in the middle of a game. Bummer for us.
  13. So if someone (preferably someone who already had some of the pre-order content, if that's a factor) could run a little test before downloading: backup your save, download the DLC and let it complete BEFORE you start playing, then go into your save game and see if anything happens. Maybe it only does this if the download completes WHILE you're playing?
  14. This happened to me, also. I'm thinking if I had downloaded the DLC before going into the game it may not have done this(?). I queued up the DL, but it didn't start right away, so I started playing and after a few minutes I got the popup that the DL was completed, and that's when it all went haywire. Is that how it happened for you, Marty, or did the download complete before you started playing? I was only 58% done, with almost 35 hours into the game, and now I'm at 28% with the main story progress wiped out, just like Marty. If you notice the date on the game save file it's all screwed up, too. I'm conflicted if I should keep playing and keep the progress that it did save, or just start a new file. I'd hate to get further in on this save file and find out something is inhibiting my progress to 100% because of the corruption, or because some things are completed before normally possible in the story progress. FML. piranha: I did have the Game Stop edition, with the extra content code already used.
  15. I got the update quite a while ago, but still no stink bug achievement. I got the 100 ladybug achievement I think even before the update occurred. Still don't have 300k acorns, so I'm going to keep playing until I get that. If I still don't have the stink bug cheev, I'll probably just uninstall and reinstall. Still more time than I'd like to be devoting to this, though. RY1987, I don't care if Call of Duty just isn't your thing, this still is not a good game.
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