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  1. Need multiplayer achievements as well have 2 controllers PM anytime on XBL
  2. I have a nightmare history of boosting this games online achievements and somehow I have still been left in the dark Without the 500 Big ass chains and 50 Pimp Kills, I am willing to do whatever it takes to find a group to get these. Message me
  3. I could not find any information of the game containing the map packs, just wanted to know for sure.
  4. Continued from title i looked in my settings and i only have 512mb of RAM and i checked the xbox store on the device and it says it needs 1GB of RAM to download. I see plently of people online talking about the game on the 521 though so was it updated and i can not play it on this device? Bought a windows phone for achievements on the go and it was only $20.
  5. I am a RIDICULOUS amount of hours into trying to get thie achievement! !!!
  6. FINISHED! After this post I had to do Pillar of Autumn on Heroic without taking health damage then realized I had to do it again on Legendary for not picking up any health packs (thought I could get both on heroic) getting the skull and terminal in the beginning of that level and then getting Speed reader last. Ironically What took me the most time trying to get speed reader is a short cut at the beginning involving grenade jumping and crouch jumping over the first wall and skipping a few waves of flood....probably took me as long as it did to do the rest of the level. Anyway I am super glad I got to finish this from my backlog and in just 3 days.
  7. So a while ago I dug this out of my backlog and wanted to run through Legendary with a friend, ended up just doing the first mission or two and never touched it. I started it up on the MCC and ended up finishing Legendary with no skulls solo in 18 and a half hours. Then being a suicide mission addict I am said "I can do that again quick" and popped this in to get the what seemed to be easy 1K with the Bandana and Boom skulls. JFC, some of the shit still had me going! I mean yes 10x easier with Bandana but still, I spent a long time trying to get the two achievements on Two betreals at once solo then learned it was probably impossible to play the entire mission solo and not switch any weapons or kill any of the Grunts. Then doing the flood level without dying on legendary and what just got me really going the last warthog race without flipping and with a minute left. I ended up trying for probably a hour or so just going for "right side up" then finished the level and having to start it AGAIN on legendary all the way to the end to finish with a minute left, which thankfully I got in just a few attempts after a break from playing. Time to mop up I think the 30 minute flood level is going to be troublesome as well but I am aiming to finish this game TONIGHT! I have spent ever hour outside of work almost just playing this the past couple nights so I gotta finish it tonight wish me luck.
  8. I was going to ask about this and a more accurate time to complete. I just ran through this game on the MCC and wanted to complete this version since i threw it in the backlog almost immediately after buying. The MCC one took me 18 and a half hours just to do Legendary solo (no skulls or anything)
  9. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=534730 Got a session set up need a couple more.
  10. I bought the season pass for borderlands 2 when it came out and have yet to play any of the DLC. If your in the same boat send me a message and we can marathon it out and get the acheivements together. Would be a lot less taxing with a partner
  11. Hey audacious can you do a Thanos sig? Like with him gripping the Infinity gauntlet? Also, I absolutely LOVE the Venom sig in your gallery.
  12. Thought i read this earlier this year. Damn it! Was gonna polish the online was today and it won't load
  13. Message me for online boosting. I need a team mate for the co-op missions achievement
  14. My Caos should be named Jax and THOR. Need this as well.
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