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  1. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, or can offer a solution, but the game likes to autosave at the most inopportune times causing it to lag for a half second and leads me to fall to my death, or mess up in the middle of a jumping section, whatever. I just don't see why they didn't catch something like this in testing. Either way it basically ruins the flow of the gameplay and causes me to get frustrated, which in turn makes me not even want to play. Anybody?
  2. I agree with you on a few points. I do know that this game is a bit more forgiving than other more traditional offerings in this genre, and I know it's a skill deficiency on my part. But I've got 5 clean hours, and I do enjoy playing, but if you want to tell me that my continued attempts at playing the arcade mode on it's easiest available setting (hard) and still getting no further than Papa Carlo while still having Domus, the trash chute, among other ridiculously hard engagements in the game is fun, well I just would have to disagree. As far as you saying I'm using "unfair" math, let me put it in context. In the amount of time it takes games like I listed to get to a price I feel comfortable paying, Sine Mora would still be at 15 dollars barring MAYBE a 1 week drop to 800 points, or god forbid 50% off. So no I didn't pay those prices at launch, but I did wait for a price reduction, and reductions for XBLA games are few and far between. So me basically saying that I get vastly increased content for the same price I paid for a 60 minute story mode, it's a valid argument, and you know that.
  3. What I'm on about Helgor is that if the achievements for this game are a baseline for where the content is, then almost the entire game is in arcade mode. You don't even get an achievement for beating the story mode. You have to jumble up a bunch of other stuff to get the achievement. I'm not complaining that the achievements are too hard. I'm complaining because everything I read about this game said it was "geared toward the hardcore as well as the novices" so on and so forth. Yet about 165 achievements are going to require you to play arcade. That wouldn't be so bad if they allowed those that can't handle hard, to at least have fun in normal mode, but there is no such option. The time limits on hard arcade are unforgiving, the continues being few, as well as an arcade level select sorta screws everything up. I'm still trying at it, I can't get past Papa Carlo on arcade, but I'll keep trying, because I do like the game. I just don't like that they brick walled most people by making arcade inaccessible for all but the very best shmup players. And if you wanna argue with that go ahead, but I am of the mind that you'd be wrong if you did. PS: I bought Mass Effect 2, Portal 2, Arkham City, 40k Space Marine, upon many others for 15 or less, so when I say that 15 dollars for what Sine Mora offers is a jip, that's what I mean by it.
  4. And one last thing, but I take offense to your sideways implication that I need a game to hold my hand. I beat plenty of difficult games, lots of them through tons of trial and error. hell I play Super Meat Boy still on occasion and while I've only beat light world story mode, that's still an accomplishment in itself. Sine Mora isn't tough but fair like SMB is it's tough but requires luck, and when your entire game is based on that framework, you've sort of failed as a game.
  5. BRP, I mean that's awesome that you can name so many shooters, but you didn't really address my post accurately. In the end I find it irritating that they laud the game as being "accessible" to newcomers to the genre (and I'm pretty much a newcomer, I'm played a few over time, but I'm by no means a devout follower) yet they throw almost the entire game (which I paid 15 for) into an un-accessible arcade mode. I also don't care about easy achievements, but when I've finished the story mode and have only acquired 20 achievement points something is wrong. They don't even have an achievement for completing the story. That's almost unheard of. It also signifies that the real game is arcade mode, which is fine, but when they don't allow you to play arcade mode unless you have the chops of a shmup veteran, it's almost impossible to feel anything other than slighted, which was the big point of my post. Hell, the third rank borders on pretty much impossible for almost everyone that doesn't love this type of game.
  6. I'll certainly agree that the true game really picks up after you finish the story, but I'm a little peeved at how they parsed out the achievements for this game. I guess it was to force those that would have felt screwed by the story mode being so short, to play the game more. I mean there should have been a big achievement for attaining the highest rank, but to essentially put all the achievements into a grindy sort of metagame was fucking bullshit. I'm not terrible at these games, and I sort of see it being kind of like muscle memory and memorization, kind of like Super Meat Boy was, but to be honest, they put a few achievements for that game into the truly hard stuff, and allowed you to collect most everything else just by playing through the game. I should have waited for Sine Mora to go half price, and not even because of the achievements, but because the put the entire game into arcade mode, and just gave you a nibble of content in the story. And what the hell, only hard and insane choices for the arcade mode ALONG with only 3 continues? I mean that is only doable by the truly amazing hardcore players in the genre. Even if I wanted to just play the arcade version just to see if I can do it, I already know that I can't. And I don't want to even try because this game can be pretty fucking cheap at times...
  7. I've read that in a few places. Apparently Shipwreck (Cheap Ass Gamer) is having a hell of a time with freezing issues. So it appears to be a problem with the game.
  8. Haha, Yeah. I'll try again at some point. It was just like a facepalm moment, because I was super cognizant of the fact that I was going to have to deal with that particular necro, and was not happy about it, but I panicked, and missed and got dealt with. I would have tried again that night, but I can't deal with the mandatory cutscenes. It's so frustrating.
  9. Get the stick out of your ass. It's actually a funny question. I wanted to ask for a reward, but after how that one science geek reacted when I asked for little payment for getting him out of his own hot water, I decided I'd just do this one free of charge. I mean she is the mother of your dead lady friend.
  10. Died at the fucking stasis area. I tried to be fucking frugal with my ammo, and brought a slasher arm in with me, ended up missing, and got one shot. While it's my own fault, that one shot nonsense is ridiculous. I don't think I'll be trying again for a while. I suppose maybe if you could skip cutscenes. I don't however see me being good enough to make it to the disc swap without a save.
  11. I know this is an older thread, but I just wanted to ask you what bragging about your accomplishments in Dead Space 2 adds to the validity of the thread, since it is in fact a "Not scary at all" bullshit thread to begin with. In other words, a pointless post in a pointless thread is just as bad. PS: This game scares the shit out of me.
  12. Ahh, so helpful. Ughh, I don't know why but it wasn't intuitive to break the heart containers for money. I was starting to get irritated, because it just never seemed to fail that I would get a health refill on a path I needed to get around.
  13. DeadRabbit

    Any Good

    I don't see the comparison with Limbo unless you mean it's mostly dark on dark backgrounds. Mark 212, it's Metroidvania, and it's awesome. I'm about 2 hours in and loving it. I'm digging the bigger selection of 800 point or less games we've been seeing recently. This one is certainly well worth the money, and I'm thinking to get everything 200/200 it's probably 10 hours of play or better.
  14. I did it in spectacular fashion. I didn't do it during the normal playthrough (I'm stupid) so I did it on 1-1 on a second go round. (No rake, not like it matters) and was doing fine, but got loaded up heavy on zombies towards the end, and they started eating through my defenses, and I couldn't get enough sun power to keep them back. They ate 5 of my mowers, and right as the 5th one went I get a "A huge wave of zombies are coming" and was like F this, and threw my controller (gently haha) and as I was getting up I noticed all the zombies were coming through on my lawnmower lane, literally bowled them all over and *DOINK* nom nom nom. I was pleased.
  15. Yeah, either a rental, or if you can pick up a cheapo used copy, it's a relatively easy 1000 and a pretty satisfying game. I played it on classic, and while it does pretty much break the experience, it's no where near as much of a sour point, and playing one difficulty up, and having to deal with the frustrating difficulty curve.
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