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  1. Gotta be trials for me, so awesome. Also Marble Blast Ultra, anyone remember that gem?
  2. Real nice love the colours and the blending. Getting back into this sig making lark after a long time inactive on here (doubt anyone remembers me anymore lol!) so please be kind.
  3. I wanted "p1n" but it's taken, I've messaged the guy offering to pay for him to change but he never responds
  4. In the top video they are pretty much saying that in 2015 (which is the year in the film i think?) they will bring out the proper pair with the powered laces (which nike filed a patent for last year http://newslite.tv/2010/08/30/nike-patent-marty-mcflys-selfl.html )
  5. Thought i'd pop back to wish Stallion my heartfelt congratulations on his incredible effort. A tip of the hat to you sir!
  6. For a first try that is very nice. Keep at it dude.
  7. Better late than never! I did :)

  8. dude your sig is sick. who made it?

  9. Hey guys im looking to boost these achievements Send me a friend request on live (with a msg so i know who you are plz! ) Im in the U.K and play most evenings. Cheers.
  10. Happy Birthday. Had to happen to someone, right? Hope it's a good one. :drunk

  11. Happy Birthday, P1N!

  12. Haha! Nice to see one of the areas you chose to focus on was her boobs! I have updated to a new Scarlett sig
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