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  1. I cant bielieve this has almost 13,000 hits ....wow!
  2. what the hell ?? You may want to seek treatment by a qualified medical professional if killing yourself seems like a good idea.
  3. Thanks for the input thats about 70 in 15 minutes roughly 1999 / 70 x 15 /60 = 7.1 hours which is not as bad as it sounds with most people ending up somewhere close to 1000 after doing all of their horde and multiplayer, so closer to 3.5 hours for most people?
  4. And not everyone looses their progression. And that was not directed specifically at you but posted to warn other people who may not know how glitchy this game can be. And jumping into the comments on another persons guide for an achievement and posting another guide is pretty rude. It's not even yours it's a posting of a posting off of somebody else's method that they put together. If they wanted to start their own thread they could and they may have. Not sure what you were trying to accomplish by posting this, but that is pretty improperly placed and rude.
  5. Ya tricking the game into giving you extra games played is kind of cool but on a game that is notorious for screwing up and resetting ranks, kills, entire war journals... I would say try to trick the game at your own risk, and don't clog up the forum threads crying if your stats get reset.
  6. The guy who runs this overnight is the guy you want be! after doing alllll of the other achievements 2.0 and all you really dont want to have to babysit another nonsense achievement. Although if doing this during the hours you are awake and watching movies I strongly recommend these titles. The Big Lebowski Enter the dragon Strange brew Rounders Casino Zombieland Tombstone Animal House The Jerk Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
  7. I guess this guy missed this, Good job sponge bob
  8. And remember everyone for every vote you make in the poll it helps make finding this thread just a little easier for later users.........Thanks!
  9. um ok sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky
  10. ya i just hate to pm people on the sites, it always seems so excessive. But i guess that would be the next logical step.
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