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  1. I cant bielieve this has almost 13,000 hits ....wow!
  2. what the hell ?? You may want to seek treatment by a qualified medical professional if killing yourself seems like a good idea.
  3. Thanks for the input thats about 70 in 15 minutes roughly 1999 / 70 x 15 /60 = 7.1 hours which is not as bad as it sounds with most people ending up somewhere close to 1000 after doing all of their horde and multiplayer, so closer to 3.5 hours for most people?
  4. And not everyone looses their progression. And that was not directed specifically at you but posted to warn other people who may not know how glitchy this game can be. And jumping into the comments on another persons guide for an achievement and posting another guide is pretty rude. It's not even yours it's a posting of a posting off of somebody else's method that they put together. If they wanted to start their own thread they could and they may have. Not sure what you were trying to accomplish by posting this, but that is pretty improperly placed and rude.
  5. Ya tricking the game into giving you extra games played is kind of cool but on a game that is notorious for screwing up and resetting ranks, kills, entire war journals... I would say try to trick the game at your own risk, and don't clog up the forum threads crying if your stats get reset.
  6. The guy who runs this overnight is the guy you want be! after doing alllll of the other achievements 2.0 and all you really dont want to have to babysit another nonsense achievement. Although if doing this during the hours you are awake and watching movies I strongly recommend these titles. The Big Lebowski Enter the dragon Strange brew Rounders Casino Zombieland Tombstone Animal House The Jerk Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
  7. I guess this guy missed this, Good job sponge bob
  8. And remember everyone for every vote you make in the poll it helps make finding this thread just a little easier for later users.........Thanks!
  9. um ok sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky
  10. ya i just hate to pm people on the sites, it always seems so excessive. But i guess that would be the next logical step.
  11. by cutting the match times down to 30 to 40 seconds, it pretty much makes the loading times irrelevant. Also the loading times are fast as there is only one connection involved. I highly recommend trying them both options are good! pick the one you prefer.
  12. However pertinent information, and constructive input is always welcome thanks!
  13. Horde waves do count, this has been general knowledge for a long time. To use 1999 waves of horde to do this is pretty crazy... 150 hours or so tough to estimate. Now constructive criticism time if you are anywhere near 1999 and still trying to struggle through waves of horde for the achievements, you realllly need to re assess your situation. either you need a lot of practice or your whole crew you are doing horde with needs to take the disk out and put call of duty back in so they can get back to there noob tubes, and camping in corners. This thread is for people to learn the fastest way to do their 1999 achievement NOT! for people to do their just play 2000 matches of multi player bitching, or people complaining about their inability to succeed on the multiplayer... I got 1999 3000 matches ago because i am horrible at this game:( it was my 3rd multiplayer achievement:( . I don't think there is even a thread for doing that. That is on the player suck it up cinch up the huggies and look at the facts, if you are the last man standing every single time only being taken down in a hollywood style epic hail of bullets, you need to find a different crew to do horde with. If the round starts and you last 20 seconds before getting killed every single time you are going to need to find a different crew to do horde with composed of quality players that have the ability to carry you through like an infant, a helpless little infant. at any rate this is an information thread, people need to stop cluttering all of the useful threads with their pitiful crying. sorry for the rant guys but somebody needs to say it.
  14. @ 44 if you are taking advantage of one of the many many many xp events as most people are even after you finish up the rest of the multi player you really should be no where near 1999. there may be a few other spots in these forums that could possibly help you out.
  15. Just checking back on the thread, Its great to see that the method is still working well for everyone.
  16. You see this guide is so good there hasn't been 1 bitching post, Thats like a small miracle for these forums !! :rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:rock
  17. Just for the record I have heard some people are using the ticker event for this... that is just added wear and tear on the xbox.
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