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  1. Hey, Brady! I hope this isn't too late for you, but I found a link to a forum that might help you. https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=1000633 Essentially, you're going to have to delete your current save and restart the progress you've made. It sucks, if anything I'd take a break from the game and come back later. I know this is five months late, but I hope it has helped!
  2. Single player games aren't dying out. They are changing shape, being reintegrated into a society of people with short attention spans. Most single-player games are now being integrated into some online function or cooperative play. Games like Wolfenstein and Titanfall prove single player is very valued and still add so much to games that would normally pursue a more online-friendly experience. I honestly blame social media's presence at making people's patience wear thin much easier to where they can only play games online thus impacting the experiences we as traditional gamers get, but SP is not dead and isn't going anywhere for awhile.
  3. I don't believe I ever saw 4K advertised for either consoles in 2013. Definitely was still a very unknown presence in tech world at the time, if it even really existed in any households.
  4. I'm considering buying it. I think if I can get myself to sell the games I've beaten but not 100%'d, with my Xbox One, I'll get it. But that's saying a lot. I hoard games :c
  5. I'm looking to get a group of people to play horde on Gears of War 2, 3 and 4! I'm feeling pretty nostalgic, and I've been trying to wrap up some of the achievements in the franchise. So, if you're up for it, I was gonna go through every map on every Gears game that has horde mode. Sorry, Judgment :/ My GT is MaurickShepherd, lemme know if you want to! I dunno if people still play these games, haha.
  6. To me, the Scorpio is serving as a win-win for many. In my opinion, those who have a 4K tele and have the money to drop a payment for an upgraded version of their current Xbox are going to be happy. For those who want to stick with the Xbox One/One S, there's no downgrade in games and there's no current plan in dropping support for games on the console. However, if Microsoft aren't careful, they can easily dip into the same marketing design as Apple has with their iPhones. Too many complaints seem to fall on deaf ears on how updates across the board for iPhones only cater to the new ones and slow down the older ones, almost as a ploy to get customers to upgrade. For me, I will more than likely invest in a Skorpio. I have an upscaled 4K television, plan on buying a native one here shortly, and it will sit nicely next to my PS4 Pro, which to this day I adore.
  7. With every E3, it's never the games I'm expecting that I get the most excited about. It's the games I have no idea about! The surprise announcements are always what get me. Resident Evil 7, The Last of Us, Watch Dogs: so many games in recent years that blew people away from quality and surprise!
  8. Good day, all! So I've been playing Call of Duty 4's remastered edition A LOT this past week. Since I already earned the original 1000G on the 360, I had and still have no desire to obtain the completion again, so I'm only playing the multiplayer. Therefor, this post will entirely address the online multiplayer, not the campaign! This entire time, one thought has been creeping in my mind: Did Raven Software and the cooperating studios remaster Call of Duty 4 the right way? Would I have done it different? For me, it's about what you interpret as a comprehensive remastered. I think, these last few years, most remastered games are mere HD-ified rereleases of games the generation prior. God of War collections come to mind. However, some added much more to the game, such as the Master Chief Collection. The issue, for me personally, is that my nostalgia and desire for the same experience I had when I first loaded up CoD4 nine years ago has irked me to think they've done it all wrong. So I'll start by naming some of the things they've done absolutely right. I absolutely adore the maps from CoD 4, and Raven knew coming into this game that they were (quite literally, to many) treading holy grounds. These maps are Call of Duty classics, so when they remastered them, the only action they took was coating a nice, new-gen paint over it all. Nothing really changes. Those same cars near your spawn will still blow up from an accurate grenade launcher the same way you raged at before. All those camping spots in bloc's apartment complexes will still annoy the shit out of you/provide the ultimate trolling experience for you. Also, for the most part, the menus are all the same. From the multiplayer lobby music to the sound made when someone joins your lobby, the sound design is kept alive in these aesthetic ways. However, the menu themselves and the sounds the guns make have changed for the most part. Some guns, such as the AK-47, M1911, Dragunov (classics, my favorite guns in CoD4) shouldn't have changed! However, I respect the fact Raven wanted to add a bit more depth to the sound design of the game, as even returning to CoD 4, I notice sound back then isn't as layered and thumping as shooters nowadays. So, overall, the gameplay remains as great as it was nine years ago. However, the one aspect of the game that has controversially changed the most surrounds the gameplay, primarily, the introduction of supply drops and menus around the game. Personally, I'm for the principle of adding to the game past what was originally there. The way I look at it, the remastered edition's purpose extends beyond just serving as a nostalgia road trip for series veterans. It's also here to introduce the game to modern gamers that perhaps didn't play the original. So there are supply drops, DLC weapons, etc. They don't bother me as an entity, but rather, the business around it is incredibly cynical. Obviously, this extends beyond this game into the franchise as far back as Advanced Warfare, but I cannot stand how weapons aren't given to you. Not even that; there's no way to earn any of the DLC weapons unless you earn them through supply drops, and the rate in which you get them is incredibly low. Added to that the only way to not buy your way toward the guns is an incredibly long and tedious process of using salvage to buy out the collection of assorted calling cards, emblems, reticules and more. To me, this is trickery of its modern form in gaming; developers saying "oh, but there's a way you can earn the weapons without spending money on COD points!" while making it do difficult that you basically are courted into doing so. Personally, I hate that it's carried over to Call of Duty 4's remastered edition. If I could change the system, I'd have gamers do in-game challenges to earn the weapons (kill x amount of people with all assault rifles to earn the DLC assault rifle). To me, if a gamer can buy supply drops with real money, it should only come with cosmetic items. Otherwise, the developer steps into pay-to-win territory, which, fortunately, Call of Duty still hasn't stepped into considering there are plenty default guns that get the job done well enough. My final gripe about the business model is the fact that the Variety Map Pack isn't included in the Infinite Warfare's season pass. If the only way to own Call of Duty 4 Remastered is to buy IW, then why not pair the games' downloadable content in one season pass? It's a question that only has two answers: either they're nickel-and-diming their customers or they plan on releasing more DLC. So overall, my thoughts are that Raven did well with what they had an influence over: they clearly knew as they tackled this daunting project what should and shouldn't be touched. I appreciate how they've modernized the gameplay, even though with a game as timeless as CoD 4 there really isn't much to do. However, the business practices surrounding this game have been very cheap. I'm sure Raven has no say in that process, though. I'm very curious how this community feels about it! Do you guys enjoy the remastered edition or are there things that prevent you from returning to one of the greatest games of the last generation? Thank you for reading my encyclopedia of rambling!
  9. The gamer I hate the most isn't something that unique to me: people who mod, hack or otherwise "edit" public matches to their advantage. For example: I rebought World at War a couple months ago and finally got to it last weekend. Well, the first game I played, there were these kids "XxX*gamertag*XxX420/69" that I couldn't shoot, I couldn't kill and hacked to where I couldn't move. To me, there is nothing less that Microsoft should do other than permanently ban any Microsoft account from that IP address. It goes without saying the kid should be, too. It makes a game I remember fondly playing as a kid impossible to return to. They should just keep it to the private matches. I don't mind that stuff at all. Hell, I don't even care about people to hack their ranks and stuff. It's just anything that affects the actual gameplay that irks me to no end.
  10. Bethesda announced a couple exciting new games but showed gameplay off for Dishonores like it was 2016's Fallout 4. Definitely makes me want to play the first though!!!
  11. Agreed. Everything about it I liked until I realized the developers punished you for being good by putting a bounty on your head the more kills without dying you got. Hated it so much, but the modes, maps, gameplay, was soooooo good. So many good memories.
  12. Go to your friends list from the left tab. There should be a down arrow next to ""Friends"placed above all of your friends' gamertags. Press A over it and it should come up with a dropdown menu. Select "Recent Players"and bam! And @FoRty9, I totally agree. Just like how you can't delete games w/ 0G. Still. A feature that was available on the Xbox 360 since 2009. Yay!
  13. That's what I've ended up doing. I've taken a little break from it, so hopefully I return and I can look past the shortcomings easier. And I haven't reached the end, but apparently, everyone hates fighting the boss on the hardest difficulty. I'm playing on Hard on my first playthrough as well... As long as the fight isn't as difficult as that last battle against the boss in Halo 5, I'll be fine
  14. I absolutely love Remedy games. I adored Alan Wake. And I was anticipating this game. Now, after playing just past the second chapter of the second act, I absolutely hate it. Which completely baffles me. I've honestly never felt this way about a game before. I love the graphics, the story is incredibly interesting. The sound, acting; it has so many brilliant elements. But one part I can't, I absolutely CANNOT get past is the treacherously awful gameplay I absolutely despise the dodgy cover system. Why not just stick it to a button instead of relying on the 50/50 chance flinging my body against a wall will make me cover with it. I cannot stand how poppy the shooting is. It sounds weird, but the speed which you go from standing there to suddenly aiming your gun is just so quick. It literally throws off my ability to kill enemies every time. There's no fluidity. One second, Jack is standing still. One frame later, he's aiming his gun at an enemy. This stuff should've been eradicated in the PS2 era! Also, why are enemies bullet sponges? The bad guys with suits that can transcend time like Jack, sure. I understand. But Joe the police officer responding to a disturbance can take nearly half an assault rifle mag? Honestly, this kind of stuff irks me, especially when there's no excuse why this sponginess exists. And why can't I run and gun? THEIR LAST GAME HAD IT. By that, I mean shoot without aiming. Since I absolutely hate how aiming in this game is so anti-fluid, I want to shoot my gun without aiming. Like I could in AW. Well I guess they figured it wasn't worth putting in the game? Again, I honestly think I need someone to help justify these decisions to me. I want to love this game so bad, but I'm left completely speechless on my uncontrollable frustration with this shitty gameplay! Ugh!!!!
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