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  1. 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale (Italy) gamertag: BenMadeNew just send me a message on xbox live and how much you want for it and i can go to the auction house
  2. 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale (Italy) gamertag: BenMadeNew this should be the last car i need ... thank you!
  3. hi all ... the name is: BenMadeNew's 1P Trial (loaded 3/19/2012 @ approx. 11:00 pm central) thanks to anyone who can help!
  4. corrupt (or anyone who knows), how DO you just go through and pick only par 5's to play? ... it seems only "My Career" play is getting me any progress towards the trophy balls ... yet the guide makes it sound like you can just cue up a course, choose ONLY par 5s for example, and then eagle them without having to play all 18 holes ... i've been through all my submenus ... i went to "Game Modes", which is outside of "My Career", and picked stroke play, par5, yadda yadda, eagled all of them (using mulligans), but the trophy room still said i was not done ... can you think what i am doing wrong?
  5. More data regarding "500+ total yards" and "Allow no sacks" I played 6 games meeting these requirements, but no achievements. I tried the various fixes offered on this site, and the one that finally worked for me was the following: Delete ALL save files, rosters, etc. Delete cache Did NOT update Played offline and got both within 2 games For some of the other "perform action x" achievements, simply deleting the files and cache but playing WITH the update worked, but not the above two for some reason. I'm not sure why it worked this way, just reporting in case it helps. Thank you to all you helpers out there.
  6. GT: BenMadeNew thanks! to all for the mythic map help i'm having a time with the meta-game campaign ones if anybody wants to help out on those
  7. My wife and liked fable 3 so now we've started fable 2 and are looking for people to help out with money, weapons, items, achievements ... if you'd like to help us, just message me or friend request me at: BenMadeNew if there is an achievement we can help you with (executioner, etc), we'd be happy to return the favor thanks! ben
  8. I lost my save file from where I got my 1000 points. Do I need that maxed out character for this DLC? or can I get through it with the starting character? Thanks!
  9. I lost my save file from where I got my 1000 points. Do I need that maxed out character for this DLC? or can I get through it with the starting character? Thanks!
  10. Pro Skills, Mad Skills, and The Beautiful Dance - i just bought FGN3 the other day new and got all of these playing the Quick Game version
  11. hey charg1n, i'm playing on a new gold account: ModernBerean i am also looking for these online SoR2 achievements, friend request me if you want to knock these out
  12. On Safari just got it ... counted 48 creatures in all Blast-off Bedlam -tried to use ALL in ONE challenge, but not necessary i think Automatic Rocket Delay Rocket Tow Rocket Dart Rocket Button-Activated Rocket -but that didn't get it for me, so added more: Booster Rocket Rocket Launch Ramp Rocket Ride Car -and that did it ... saved this as a solution in the EA gallery under the named "Blast-off Bedlam Ach" ... perhaps you can download it and it'll pop gt: BenMadeNew
  13. :::edit - FINALLY got it with the shock ball method ... the freeze ball method would not necessarily freeze the punt receiver, but the shock would::: i tried: a. 2 controller method b. freeze ball method c. shock ball method among many other power-up combos i could think of and it's not popping for me nor my wife any other advice? does this have xbox live gameplay where someone could show me how? it's a rental for me and i have 985/1000 if anyone would care to help thanks! gt: BenMadenew
  14. gt: BenMadeNew just finished single player and starting on multiplayer ... looking to help and be helped ... find me on xbox live ... U.S. central time, and i'm online A LOT throughout the day, every day
  15. There is a challenge that states you have to kill FIVE enemies with one cannonball. I'm trying to get all titles and figured I wasn't the only one who was having trouble with this one. SO, I'm looking for 5 people to help me boost this challenge. I'm usually signed on Xbox Live between 2pm - 11pm Central time. Just send me a friend request with "canon" in the message if you would like to help me out. gamer id: BenMadeNew thank you!
  16. all i did was sit on my butt, literally, in the shotgun position ... nifty's the man on this ... nifty, you spoke of a "title guide" ... here's maybe some help on that http://reddead.wikia.com/wiki/Titles
  17. I know they are not necessary for achievements, but I'm going for these stagecoach titles. SO, if anyone is going for these also (and Stagecoach Trampler), let me know. We can even take turns driving and riding shotgun or whatever works. Thanks! gamertag: BenMadeNew
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