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  1. Over a week later ill answer my own question. No JSP there is no progress tracker so you should fuck off and quit asking this on Gamefaqs, TA, and other gaming sites. You little prick. You're welcome <3
  2. Like how many moneybags are left. Or to see what percentage you're at. How much of this and that collectibles left. How many side missions left... etc etc. I know the first game had a stats/progression tracker.
  3. Did that codex challenge piss anyone else off? Like god damn. If u need a bit of help when he says Come on Come on...30 seconds is up, reload checkpoint right away
  4. Before u say anything, no it has nothing to do with trying to knock statue over, or finishing the scripted escape from deathless ones and ending up with black screen. It's in between both. During scripted path I got killed, funny thing is I accidentally hit campfire save after shooting fire barrel to tip over statue. When cutscene started it was in campfire save mode. I pressed b and Lara died. I restarted but it was as if I did the scripted escape 100%. BUT I'm forced to start at the bottom and my objective is on top. I climb statue but no cutscene. Everything is on fire. No way to climb up. Can't use fast travel. I hope I'm not fucking stuck for good cuz I was going for extreme survival acheevo. Anyone know a way to get up to objective without having to do everything again?
  5. Ha! Didn't think I would see u on here. I helped u with the 5 artifacts achievement last night. Anyways. Just go to your checklist, press X on Tomb a Raider...and just recheck the ones you already completed. It should work
  6. I'd join but have to freaking wait til payday to get it. Add me if u don't find a partner. JSP The Great 1
  7. Yeah, that was dumb of me. Can someone delete this thread?
  8. Saves didn't transfer correctly. So i did the multiplayer glitch. Took me 1090 gang hideouts cleared to go from level 1 to 50. About 2 or 3 hours. Just pressing left button and watching a movie.
  9. How come I can't check off two achievements on the website for wither. I checked them off but it still stays stuck at 54 out of 56. Same with Hitman. Two achievements there can't get ticked off.
  10. Minecraft Xbox One Edition ---> "The Beginning" & "The Beginning?" Both can't be checked off.
  11. Willing to do score attack on genesis with whoever. GT: JSP The Great 1 EDIT: Got all achievements done again.
  12. Looking to boost tower battles if anyone's up for it.
  13. Same here. Can't play anything else new after beating prologue and paris mission.
  14. They've gone beyond and added this this achievement will be available to tackle on April 1st Can't believe this...
  15. talked to EA...after a week or so, they unlocked it on their end. yay
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