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  1. Looking To drop summon sign where needed prior to Lordvessel. Would like to co-op some bosses and boost a bit. Also have AotA dlc but haven't gone back to Darkroot since getting pendant. Level 79 and would love to take on Ornstein and Smough again. GT- Deadpool Psycko
  2. I have said there's a bunch of stuff they should've explained or tutorial'ized. A bunch of them you can figure out in the Inventory/Character screen. Basically for your main query, Firearms is your basic weapon damage. It's mainly the stat for your base shot. DPS revolves around Damage Per Second, meaning the more you consistently lay bullets into a target, the damage is increased. You'd want a higher Firearms for pistols, shotguns and marksman rifles while focusing on DPS for anything that fires off multiple rounds. The one for Initial Bullet (or weapon) Stability was confusing a lot of people. That's for your iron-sight balance. When you pull left trigger, you'll notice some guns have a natural "bounce or wave" to em. This steadies the weapon out. But overall I do agree they just left a lot of it for us to figure out.
  3. We spent a good 35 minutes trying to get through the second wave of shotgunners in the beginning. I was not ready at all haha. I knew these were a beast but yikes!
  4. I found a piece of gear the other day I overlooked that had 90% scavenging!! I've been finding a ton of yellow materials since. http://i.imgur.com/DeeOyem.gif?noredirect Sorry, this is cracking me up lately.
  5. I haven't noticed the stair issue at all. I've jumped-rolled down/up stairs and never seen falling. The weapon audio deal has happened a few times for me. I think there should just be a section-scroll with the right/left on D-pad for clothing. It's still easier to navigate than the beta. It was all just one long list lol.
  6. I figured as much. I'm currently 41 and a half so we'll see what happens in the next week or so. I'm still going to rely on drops as much as possible.
  7. Exactly. I love the experimentation so far and don't want to get that one weapon that's just going to make the others seem like crap. But I DO love that even going back to lower ranked areas (chelsea, etc), items in chests still boost up to your level albeit green/blue. Still interesting just in case. I like being surprised lol. That's why I specifically jumped between main game and DZ every few levels to keep them even until 30. By the time I finished the story and hit 30, I was only DZ rank 21 and my Division tech supply was pretty packed. We kept circling a few areas over and over trying to get tech and hit up named enemies.
  8. Mostly the Vendor people are mentioning but I know they come from (RARE) drops. I got one from the Beta actually and haven't seen one drop since. Only bought from said vendor and the preorder or agent origins bonus.
  9. It's also bc until this game, I really only used specific weapons/loadouts due to limitations. Here, I keep each gun type on backup for individuality and diversity. If I don't feel my LMG is doing the trick, I know my AR is better than it and has it's beneficial perks. I was loving the last 2 LMG's I was running with and when I saw the blueprint, I just had to go for it. It's steadier than most and the ammo capacity is just a treat.
  10. Blueprints were at the Phoenix Credit vendor (forgot the name) in the tech wing last i saw.
  11. Yeah I'm not knocking it. I like to go for things, i would say, that are "underdogs". Also, I hate just getting something, feeling comfortable with it and then getting something way better. It's like my time with the previous was for naught. But that's me. I bought one of the AUG's from the DZ vendor in the base and it was type-beastly. The LMG i would agree with but as said, it's meant just as much for suppression than attack and it would honestly destroy if they tweaked it. Mine haven't given me too much problems on the damage front. I admit it takes forever on higher level enemies shields but it totally snuffs out the life bar faster than most other guns. It's a "feel" preference. I just like having the excess ammo and suppression options. Bc then it's a nice roll-in with the shotgun.
  12. I'm probably the only person avoiding (buying anyway) the Vector. I'm just not that guy that has to have the same weapon as everyone bc it's overly beastly. All of my squad has it.
  13. Yeah I know but I'm just saying, there a bunch of little "hacks" to hasten your navigation options. Didn't know about holding start to go straight to inventory rather than the whole menu. Apparently they have started looking into it. As you said, glad they're jumping on top of these issues ASAP.
  14. Same complaint with Fallout 4 - A lot of basic "Tutorial" stuff that just slips past players. Changing the distance from Km to Ft Turning on/off the "follow line" for waypoints etc
  15. While that is a nuisance, you should notice that opening crates/chests in lower rank areas (chelsea, hudson yards) still give out stuff to your level. Albeit green or blue but still will show up to level 30. Wait for Incursions and paid DLC packs. Guarantee they add some rewards to sweeten the pot.
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