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  1. No idea I was hoping someone would confirm if this also helps them
  2. Right this is a completely alternate solution and needs verification from others that it works it worked for me but there could be other factors contributing to this that I may not be thinking of. As we all know you cannot find a single match. Basically I was wondering why I was levelling up when I cant find a match. I believe because I play the f2p version on steam with the same login details to the f2p version as the paid version that if I level up once on the f2p then login to the paid version it counts as a level earned on the paid version. In under 3 hours I went from rank 90 to rank 100. Granted its not ideal but could enable others to rank up.
  3. ive tried redoing it as im currently level 86 of 100 and havent played since release really due to poor net and cannot find a game now. The f2p version is easy to find games but cant link it up with my gamertag for the levels
  4. Yep got 1 min for host quitting..worst 1 min of my life
  5. I use M8a1 select fire, fore grip Perks, flak jacket, scavenger, tactical mask Grenade, shock I play objective game types hence the perks but it's immense
  6. Winning matches on world class and above or online is being clever when containing and if you use rb contain make the player you control fill in the gap. I only 'charge' occasionally when I know I'm safe behind I don't slide really ever unless I know I will win the tackle. I use standing tackles a hell of a lot and just pressurise and be a nuisance
  7. Cod2 was THE greatest multiplayer you could have so to say it wasn't from cod4 is a little far fetched. Unless you haven't played cod2 on pc that is
  8. After 10 hours in 1 day I don't think anyone should be doing that...there's enjoying games and not seeing daylight
  9. I was hoping it would arrive tomorrow as I'm off tues and weds so looks like I'm going to be going to collect it tomorrow
  10. Just try it through your letterbox so we can all hope
  11. For Friday deliveries I get it on either the weds or thurs. I've used shopto for years can't say a bad word about them
  12. Hoping mines waiting for me when I finish work
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