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  1. Looking to boost the crimson dlc achievements.
  2. Passed on my weapons to another person requiring the achievement.
  3. Looking to play through from the start later with a partner, gt chriscba
  4. Finishing the race with custom (with autosave enabled) will void the achievement in the same way as if you changed the settings in the race and forgot to change back. I would stick to faffing a la f1 2010, can't remember it being too much of a ballache.
  5. How people play the game doesn't bother me as it's simply attack and defend, so it's down to the team adjusting to whatever situation they're in. However what does grind my gears is the slow process of building up enough people to get a game and dropping out of MP.
  6. Would like to obtain all achievements relating to co-op with someone as per the method explained in the achievement guide. gt chriscba
  7. Been playing this game for a few days having just completed intermediate career and the above fig.8 race did feel like hitting a brick wall in terms of difficulty so much that all but one car was wrecked but second place finished behind me by about half a sec. This AI took me back to playing f zero x on the n64 as a kid and I thought it was a cheap and primitive way of upping the difficulty on final laps even back then.
  8. In need of the friend challenge ach. Gt chriscba
  9. It's not too bad if you have a friend to play with you and you pass the pad, plus try to add a fun aspect by making an effort to create a decent team and knock up the difficulty. Unlocked this casually 4 days after purchase but If I had known this would be such a grind I would have allowed this ach to contribute towards the 50 hours ach. Never playing it again though, a bitter fairwell to a decent game.
  10. In need of all MP achievements, add me if you're in the same predicament. gt chriscba
  11. Got 4 controllers for: Don't touch that Paper beats rock All alone gt chriscba
  12. In need of defiant achievements, have 3 controllers. gt chriscba
  13. Add me for arena and quaff boosting. gt chriscba
  14. Will boost 35 wins with someone. gt chriscba
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