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  1. Hey everyone. I'm just looking for someone to go through the campaign with on Legendary. This will not be a collectible run however if you need a specific one I can try and help you out when we get there. I would also like to try and go for the achievements that require you to be on Heroic or higher in this run too. I already have the bandanna skull obtained (for infinite ammo) and every other skull as well if you would prefer to play with them on. It's best if you're from the US and message me on Xbox. I'm in no rush to complete it so if you only wanna do a chapter a night, that's cool. GT: xX GetaBoshi Xx
  2. I have to say thats a nice idea however the problem with this is I've already deleted my save many times by now, both saved campaigns and profile data, and it continues to keep the stats. I think this is because they are linked to the gamertag and not the save. I really don't know what to do now. I hate to be held back by a simple 5g achievement Edit: I am now at 12 collectibles and no achievement. I've tried deleting every possible save and starting over but somehow the collectible stats and saves still remain so I cannot begin again at 0 no matter how hard i try. This is really frustrating me and I would greatly appreciate any help in getting this achievement for me. Perhaps logging onto a different xbox would help?
  3. I eagerly started this game today and began playing it with my friends steadily earning achievements all the way through act one. After I got off for a bit I learned my achievements were adding to my score yet not adding to my total achievements nor showing up on my achievement list. 2 recovered accounts later I was finally able to get my achievements back to normal (despite the fact that I'll need to play act I again and reacquire all my chieves) However, there is one problem with this now. During my playing with my friends we obtained 8 collectibles and at the time I had gotten the achievement for getting 5 at the 5th one. The problem is, the in game stats have my collectible count at 8, while the achievement is still locked for me. So is there any way to reset the in game stats so I can unlock this achievement? Or should I try going for 10 collectibles and seeing if it unlocks after 5 more? Thanks
  4. This seems like the best place to ask this so can anyone help me get this ONE coin? For the life of me i cannot get up to where it is. I've circled it on a map that i will post below. http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/2929/narutomap.jpg
  5. Well last night I played in hopes of getting the achievements I needed, I had Egon's Guinea Pig, Payday!, and No Job Too Big left. I got my last most wanted ghosts first (polar and glutton slimer) and my achievement unlocked right away. However I still cannot get Egon's Guinea Pig and Payday!, so i'm stuck at 980g in the game. Seems to me is that the game just will not let your gamerscore in the game go past 980 with the new patch. It allowed me to unlock one previously glitched achievement but no more. Seriously, we wait like a year and a half for a patch and it's broken anyways!
  6. great job so far man. Anyways i gotta question. After getting the chip from Caesar I made a save but cannot leave the island because they still have all my weapons. However when I go to get my weapons to leave, I have to hand over the chip. So basically, what do i do to keep the chip, leave, and keep all my weapons?
  7. It seems that Gin and Aizen might end up fighting at some point. I wouldn't doubt it. And really Byakuya and Kenpachi vs. Yammy is hard to predict where theyll place it in the story unless they cut away from whats happening with aizen and ichigo now. Which would blow O_O Also im confused as hell with what Don is gonna do next but it outta be great xD
  8. How do you guys compare the English voice actors to the Japanese voice actors? I for one think Johnny Yong Bousch is phenomenal as Ichigo. Michelle Ruff is good as Rukia and everyone else is still good but by far i think the original voices are far superior.
  9. Well, I hope that he just ends it when its right
  10. Gin's so mysterious you can't predict what he's gonna do at all
  11. Do it in Co-Op with another person. It throws 155 aliens at you and you still only need to hit 100 for the card.
  12. Ahh thanks alot guys. I was hoping i wouldn't have to reset my game. Phew!
  13. I for some reason cannot complete the Pict-O-Matic mission where you must put the Purple Spikey Hair on the Alien. I simply put it on any alien (usually with the original Pizza planet suit as seen in picture) and let him go and nothing happens. Help?
  14. Yay! Thank you! ^_^

  15. Thats a tough one. A REALLY tough one lol. I'll say Ichigo vs. Grimmjow. Great action and you actually feel sorry for Grimmjow by the end.
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