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  1. Actually you can also use the Battlefield Companion in website form. Just type it into google and log in to "Web Companion" on the site with your EA account. It even lets you use any saved ones you may have had from BF4, so I just switched mine straight over.
  2. Have to admit I'm starting to despair with the last of these "Kill 4 enemies" achievements. Keep getting the perfect setup for them and then I'll only ever kill a maximum of 3. It's quite demoralizing. And that's without even trying to get fiddly ones like Smooth as Silk. Other than that, having a blast.
  3. Some kind soul donated me a Mimic head. Anybody want to do a quick boosting session for Mound Maker's vertebrae shackles?
  4. I've killed all the Mimics in the game, and despite assertions from a number of people that it's a guaranteed drop from the last one you kill if you don't have it I still don't have one. I've been through all the locations in case one spawned without my knowledge but still nothing. Does anybody have a spare Symbol of Avarice to part with because grinding for covenant items is driving me slowly but steadily mad. Currently level 99 and banging my head against the grind in Anor Londo. gamertag: A Grumpy Spider
  5. Finally got it to unlock. Had to hard reset twice and copy my completed save file to a spare slot then restart the entire episode. Pain in the arse to be sure, but hey ho.
  6. Me too. Finished the episode, and just went back and replayed the first scene twice, still nothing. Not even a "Done! Unlocking!" on the tracker. It's just the usual Telltale QA. It'll be fixed in a couple of days or so
  7. Just using standard bolts, the special types seem like a waste for such unpredictable firing. The only useful skills the crossbow gets are critical chance upgrades, which makes no real difference in the long run. In the beginning I thought Critical = Headshot with the crossbow, but that idea went out the window soon after when I was getting crits just from shooting bandits in the legs/arms.
  8. Has anybody got any advice on how to do this efficiently? I'm using Devil's Pit as a bandit farm area, but with the crossbow being so wildly inaccurate with its bolts, and CDPR unfortunately not implementing tracking with any of its achievements I'm having a really hard time getting anywhere with this. Or at least that's how it feels. Any suggestions?
  9. You can play offline if you hit Cancel when the game is loading calibrations. Whether that will have an adverse effect on your gameplay I can't say. But it will put you in offline mode. Hope that helps Oh, and to re-enable online mode you get a message that says either restart the game or wait an hour. So either way, not too stressful.
  10. Looking for help with The End and killing the EnderDragon. Had some issues with the annoying new save system and now can't seem to find Blazes anywhere. I've got a mine track set up, all the wool, and spare diamonds to toss back and forth if anyone needs those. GT: A Grumpy Spider
  11. I sent Colin and Toad to the farm. At this point rules need to be enforced more than ever. And frankly with what could happen I'd rather have them hurt and out of the firing line than their heads ending up on the block.
  12. Having a lot of trouble connecting with the game and I'm not entirely sure why. Enjoying the plot and characters well enough, but I'm not feeling any real drive to just plow through it. With that aside, they've done a damn fine job in making a game this size and detailed work on the ailing current gen hardware. Very impressive that. Guess I'm just going to have to keep plodding away at it and see if it clicks for me.
  13. Well two of my favorite guns the L85A2 and the QBZ-95B got a buff so I can't complain with that! Also out of curiosity since I won't be able to update for a day or so. How big is the patch? 1.5-2 gigs again?
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