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  1. Thanks for that! Switching to the third act is something I'll try ASAP!
  2. I've heard of a lot of games freezing over and over in the last few months. I think this is a system update that did this; I had a pretty old 360, and Metro 2033 was freezing CONSTANTLY (every single level load would crash the console!). On a whim, after hearing that people had a lot less freezes in Fallout New Vegas on new consoles, I caved in and bought a 360 Slim (with Kinect, i.e. brand new). Lo and behold, no more freezing issues! I had zero freezing in Hydrophobia Pure, so I wouldn't be surprised that the problem can be solved the same, expensive way...
  3. Got the Geek medal by canceling all hacks I was about to fail, so there's no need to reload at all!
  4. Tried this for about an hour, this method simply does not work in Hydrophobia Pure. Did three enemies at the beginning of Act 2, all three confirmed swept down. No dice. Unless there's some new trick to this, the patch irredeemably broke the achievement. Good thing the console on which I bought the game broke and now I can't play the non-patched version regardless of license transfers. A fitting end to this game, I'd say.
  5. Antibodies. It was the last song I got 5* on. The bass riff isn't that hard, but it requires almost perfect concentration throughout for 5*, and pretty much mandates No Fail on the finale regardless. Beast and the Harlot isn't too tough on Guitar, Caught in a Mosh is an absolute joke on vocals (and I have difficulties getting consistent 5* on Medium!), and Llama is very doable on bass.
  6. Yeah, known bug. Happened to me and many others, if forums are indication. No idea if it's fixed via the patch... I had high NCR cred, so I just took the tram at the fort (inside, up stairs to the left, it's guarded by 2 guys who *should* let you through). I also heard you can kill a securitron or two in front of the entrance and they have the key, then run like hell and return a few in-game days later. Haven't tested that though. Once you're in the strip, door unlocks and should stay that way.
  7. Weird, I shot the vent with a rocket while standing inside that room. Door was open, couldn't close it because of the reload animation, but I didn't die. I guess the "proper" alternative would be either chuck a grenade and quickly slam the door close, or get a C4 and detonator.
  8. Well... since I have one laying around (I stupidly bought it about a WEEK before getting the code)... check your PMs. It's your lucky day. Unless it doesn't work in your region or something I guess.
  9. Hm? I've duped several times with the latest patch, including AFTER download Witch Hunt. Are you sure you're not forgetting to, say, let the shopkeeper have at least 1 of the item you're duping? Or trying to do it with items that don't actually stack? I know it happened to me a couple of times... If they disabled it, they've disabled it ONLY for the Witch Hunt DLC. Which seems unlikely. EDIT: just duped in Witch Hunt itself. Dunno what you're doing wrong, but... you're doing something wrong.
  10. Here's my story, maybe it'll help. Beat the DLC first time, got Enthralling no problem and the basic achievement for beating the game. Ogre got all the way to the end alive, no Ogre's Keeper. Tried on the Awakening disc, tried clearing cache, nothing. I followed the instructions in detail as shown here, erased the saves, the DLC, and cleared cache. Without entering the game, I re-got the DLC off marketplace. I also uninstalled the game, for good measure. Went back with the game running from disc, updated, and tried again. I had the ogre die a couple of times, and a few times it reset around the gate (both ogres had default approval). Even then, I just reloaded and the achievement popped right at the end, no trouble. I still had lag (enemies ignoring everything, including damage, then getting it all in one go), and various glitches (randomly, my team would get MASSIVE lag-style damage, usually killing almost everyone). But still got the achievement.
  11. 410 minutes (6h50'), 100%, 200/200. Taking my time, too.
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