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  1. i have just unlocked this achievement,i went back and bettered my score on a few levels i finished with 6 plat,4 gold,1 silver,2 bronze, i think the key to the achievement is the final mission debrief,it said i got to the core quickly to destroy it,but i also had time to take out the limiters,earths defences were strengthened,on my first play through i didnt destroy thre limiters and im sure it said earth was weakened,not sure if this will be of any use to anyone bit this is how i unlocked it
  2. the ui is awful on this game, also want to know why I cant use my own avatar when playing quick play, it drives my 5 year old daughter mad when she has to be a boy character, overall though its a decent game, kinect tracking is brilliant compared to the first one
  3. Can anybody help me please, im a lvl 52 and ive been farming for days to try to get a conference call, baby maker or the bee, could someone who has any dupe for me please Gt: psycotic wookie
  4. great guide,maybe a glitch but,i found frosts flame thrower in level 3,i used it a few times,but cant select it again,its just i noticed you found it in your level 10 video
  5. i hope they have learned their lesson,i can see the video ref decision in a ranked online match being a nightmare to get
  6. wtf is a visitor msg? I pm'd you..

  7. im looking to get the co-op and horde achievements,if any body wants to help or setting up a boosting session send me a message on xbl,i am gmt time
  8. i need to do campaign on 4 player arcade co-op,from start to finish,not nothered what difficulty i do it on,i am gmt time,im online most nights
  9. hi i have downloaded yours,could you please do the same please,search for edge ceevo
  10. hi i have downloaded yours,could you please do the same,key word edge ceevo thanks
  11. hi everyone can you please helop me with the friends achievement,my upload is simply called edge cheevo,i will download for other people to get the achievement
  12. i need the with great honour achievement(cautious impact rating) to complete the game if anybody is boosting for this send me a message
  13. if you go into your messages i think there is an option to download again,im sure i spotted it before
  14. im looking for people to play 4 player co-op campaign on night of release,im am gmt time zone
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