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  1. Hello guys! I've got a new GT, so I must boost this again. Does anyone still play this? I must get it done AFAP!
  2. Hello! I just wanted to ask if anyone wanted to boost this game with me? I finished all single player achivmenets. And got 900G on this game. But the problem is, I'm not able to find any multiplayer matches going on, I think that there is no buddy playing this game. So I was woundring if anyone wanted to join me to get 1000G on this game. But, as the title says, I play this game on PC. This is also the reason why I created a new therad and did not use the sticky one. Those are the achivmenets which are locked for me; DIY Create a race using the race editor. Natural selection Finish 30 online Career races ranked 1st. Underground brotherhood Play and win 30 online custom races you haven't created. A prophet in his own country Finish ranked 1st on 10 online custom races you HAVE created. And Completion obsession syndrome of course, but this will not be a problem I guess Thanks for reading...
  3. Hello guys! Is there anyone out there which wants to do; Shaken, not stirred - Win 5 Territory Control online matches. A licensed troubleshooter - Eliminate 100 players with the Golden Gun in Golden Gun mode. He's playing his golden harp - Melee the player with the Golden Gun. Die Another Day - Escape as Bond in Bond Evasion mode. Let me know, I can mostly play everytime. Looking forward to compleate this fast, thanks Edit, done some of them, ON MY OWN! -.-
  4. I'm still loking for someone who wants to boost on PC
  5. Well, I you also play on xbox =( Or, I could join you...
  6. Can't add thıs person becouse their frıends lıst ıs full. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Guys, read my first post carefully... I need Quantum of Solance PC players, not Xbox
  8. Thanks guys! I am sending you my gametag now, and going to add you today. We need atleast 4 players so this is good! I am not at home right now, so can't start this untill later today. Sending P.M to: GeneralChaos, Tytech and Deathlorddanny Cheers!
  9. Thank you! But the problem is, no one plays golden gun. I've been waiting in lobby for minutes but no one joined...
  10. Hello guys! I was wondring if anyone is up to play Quantum of Solace-PC with me. I need "help" with: You've defused hundreds of these Win 5 Territory Control online matches. A licensed troubleshooter He's playing his golden harp Die Another Day And Dr. No ------ Acctually, some of these can be done in one single game. I started with this game 20/2/2010 and finished the story-mode 22/2/2010. I collected all the "secret" weapons and cell phones so I got all the achievements when I finished Eco hotel. I was also playing on 007. I already have 3 MP achivements but I can't finish of the others be couse it is too few who play this game... I hope some of you can help me out with this game, I want 1000G P.M me if you want to help me out with this and I can give you my gametag. Thanks for reading! Awsome site/forum/guides btw! Keep the good work up!
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