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  1. Here's how I did it - You need a scattershot (there is one somewhere in the arena on the top of the platforms) charge 1 warden with a running melee - when he's down, go behind and unload as many shots as you can on his back. When he gets up - give a little bit of space for him to charge you, dodge his attack and continue.
  2. - Nobody seems to have play tested a solo campaign on Legendary as the AI is shocking - no matchmaking for campaign - repetitive campaign, clear area of prometheans, press a button, repeat for the WHOLE game - Cheap from 343 to extend the campaign by making you fight the same boss 4 times and not even different versions, literally the same boss but in bigger numbers - only 3 warzone maps that have identical side missions each time you play- why not copy destiny and make a map have multiple side missions that randomly trigger? - no forge, firefight - yes it will be DLC but why can't you just buy a complete game?
  3. UPDATE; completed legendary yesterday - concluding a few points ; AI team mates were useless beyond words - yes they are good for distractions but in the end they die and you have to proceed alone (until they respawn) I tried a few missions on normal and they appeared to be more useful. 343 should have enabled a period of invulnerability when being revived. Overall the story was great - but the gameplay during the campaign and level design was poor. You fight the same boss again and again - which is the sign of poor game design. Fight him once, then in a tank, then 2 of them ....hmm what next? How about we make them fight 3 of them? Lazy and cheap from 343. My biggest complaint was the prometheans...the game used them too much. You start off having to clear and area of promtheans - 12 hours later you END with clearing an area of prometheans. That says it all campaign 5/10 multiplayer 8/10 (not enough game modes and only 3 warzone maps, mark this down) Overall 7
  4. Hi everyone, don't post much but thought I'd give my thoughts on the Solo campaign so far- I'm playing Legendary solo (as I have completed all Halo's on Legendary) and I'm up to Mission 7 so far - - The game is incredibly boring. Level design is literally go from a to b. feels very Halo 4. run into an area - clear out annoying prometheans, run into the next area, clear out annoying prometheans. There doesn't seem to be much scope to skip sections as the game requires you to clear out enemies before proceeding and there are ALOT of enemies. - The game has a new enemy promethean enemy called soldiers. All I can say is that on legendary they become I incredibly annoying - sniper rifle is completely nurfed - has almost zero effect as does the rocket launcher. - your squad AI is terrible - if you go down, just restart the checkpoint. if your squad go down they will eventually respawn. Be sure to target an enemy or they won't do much. so far I wouldn't say it is difficult - but having to deal with your AI buddies and incredibly powerful, annoying enemies makes this more challenging than halo 4. I'm hoping I can go against some more varied enemies in the next few missions.
  5. - Issues when playing with a controller (d-pad doesn't feel responsive and some trails are impossible) - Ranked matches take too long to seek opponents (I have an open NAT) - STILL LAGGY!! I have played 3 tournaments all matches online except for 2 have had bad lag (capcom can never develop a good lag solution) - Cannot upload replay to server
  6. Thanks, in the end it was my controller - problem is I have 2 pads - one has a bad d pad but good buttons, the other is the exact opposite! I switched pads for the parry and then swiched back for general combos - it was VERY difficult but thanks to the stun glitch I got the ach
  7. I am playing with a controller and am finding it nigh on impossible to parry and perform combos in the trials. Can someone give me any advice when using a controller? The dpad feels very unresponsive for parrying Thanks
  8. I don't normally post 'warnings' about games I have played - but I feel that my experiences with this game my save someone from having to endure the suffering I had to. I decided to rent this game after reading threads on various achievement sites and the guide posted here but what I experienced was bordering on unplayable. Firstly this game is NOT an easy 1000G, sure there are only 14 achievements but the time and effort needed on what is essentially a poor, glitch ridden, unplayable mess, simply isn't worth it. some advice before you play it - First achievement pops early so you can't play a little, realise how bad it is and then delete it from your gamerscore - Graphics are N64, which for a game released in 2009 is unacceptable - Jumping is easily the worst element of the game as there is NO DEPTH perception. - This last section of the game, where you are required to basically estimate jumping (due to horrendous level design) is almost controller breaking. -Your main battle will be with the camera, which for most parts is probably the worst camera in 3D platform history (in my opinion) - DO NOT FOLLOW THE TOTEM GUIDE, yes the videos help for some locations but the guide is a mess, incoherent and will almost double your playtime. The combination of a very poor guide and horrific controls, graphics, gameplay, camera made this 1000G a terrible experience and at around 10 hours it was also a waste of time. Even if you can persevere with awful games I would still be cautious with this. I rented this for an easy 1000G what I got was the worst gaming experience ever.
  9. sorry forgot to mention my gamertag dark razzle and i'm on live now
  10. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get this - can you play as a guest and do all levels in one sitting? - If you are are host, is there any quick way to invite someone to your game? This is the last ach I need and any help would be appreciated
  11. Looking for someone with 3 controllers to boost dlc ach I have 3 controllers. I need to get 'crackin skulls' and 'candy from a baby' I'm happy to help with any others... add me/message me dark razzle
  12. Hey I'm Looking for a co-op partner to speed run the game (for ach) in 1 sitting gamertag: dark razzle message me on live if interested Thanks
  13. Make sure you are not wearing any gloves - That's where I was going wrong
  14. Thanks for the responses I don't seem to have the lightning charm- I haven't sold any items during the game and the treasure egg it is in is empty. I must have upgraded it. Is there anyway to get it back?
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