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  1. Great guide. Followed it and got everything without issue. Thanks a lot!
  2. GT: l BlackBrian7 l Game: Resident Evil Village Happy soon-to-be Halloween!
  3. GT: l BlackBrian7 l Game: Cyberpunk 2077 Not sure if you can enter again if you won before but might as well try
  4. GT: l BlackBrian7 l Game: Call of Duty Cold War
  5. GT: l BlackBrian7 l Game: Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War
  6. I know this is a very old post but you can actually play the fight on trainee. It saves at the beginning of the quicktime event after the fight. Just quit out and change to assassin when the quicktime starts.
  7. This definitely seems to be the case. No sign of a succubus after the campaign. Even though you are forced to kill at least 3 during the playthrough (1 Succubus Queen and 2 Regular Succubus' during the Sir William chase scene). What a pain in the ass. I wish I hadn't done all the dungeons battles before realising I was missing them.
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