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  1. I also slashed at #3 with the sword and it disappeared. I simply quit to the menu and reloaded the Boneyard and the scorpion had reappeared... (Thank goodness - I was a little freaked for a moment) And, as is the norm: Great Guide!
  2. So, my first question was going to be: "Does the achievement unlock as soon as you get the final pin/award, or does it wait for the end of the round?" I ask because it did not unlock for me during the round and I jumped out to avoid saving in case there was something wrong. Now, after checking the posts, I come to see that Americans may not even be able to get the achievements yet because, I don't know, they may not actually exist for US Xboxes, i.e. with the Dr. Pepper DLC. IS this confirmed somewhere? P.S. Seriously, DICE/EA/Microsoft/DrPepper?! Kinda screwing us Americans in concerns with these achievements. One interesting thing: Before anyone really knew what was going on, all those outside US were jealous that the promo was only for the US. Now, it turns out, the promo was/is the worst way to go about getting this DLC if you care for the achievements.
  3. While it can be said that kapster isn't trying to brag about his silver (as there really isn't that much special about it in my opinion), we can probably all safely agree that smellypotatoes is, infact, bragging about his Gold Tags.
  4. Just being a sarcastic asshole. Nothing in terms of modes and map availability is changing; DICE is just taking two preexisting maps, adding a game mode to them, calling them a "map pack," delaying the camo/gun skins DLC that this thread is actually concerned with, and generally causing havoc across the gamer forums. So, cheers to them!
  5. You obviously do not understand sarcastically veiled praise... I've read every comment in this thread and know what's going on. I was commenting on how you indeed called it a gamemode pack because that is what it is, while other people in this world may slip up in a conversation and refer to something like this as a map pack [out of habit] even though their stance on it is that it is a gamemode pack. Also, before you are rude how 'bout you finish reading my damn comment, such as the portion that says blatantly that I agree with your stance as well. No once do I have the words "you're wrong" typed in my comment.
  6. It's good to see that you are 100% on your opinion about the difference between a map pack and the 30th DLC. No slipping up from you when talking about it. And I agree with you. The maps already exist, just being expanded or shrunk
  7. Sure, I'm kind of disappointed by the lack of DLC today as well (though, admittedly, I wasn't really aware of it until seeing this thread today), but you ought to just be a little more patient. Stuff like this happens - I know it seems to happen a lot more with certain people because some people in this world just take a really long time to learn a lesson - so let's all just deal with it. There are so many other items of entertainment out there that can tide us over while we wait a little longer. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to this stuff when it is finally available.
  8. The game is slightly faster than real-time, thank god, as I never used cigarettes, since the first time I tried threw me into the world of infinitely spawning, car-damaging shadows and truck-sized, red-eyed, insta-spawn-atop-your-car dobermans. I'd guesstimate around 15 real world minutes equals 35 in-game.
  9. A speed run takes about 6 hours on normal (including grabbing the infinite submachine gun) while skipping all the cutscenes. It's all those loads, forced driving sequences, and [ungodly horrible] follow-the-dog bits that prolong the experience.
  10. As that video appears to show, it is a good idea to get a little shooting in before you run a guy down to better your chances of killing when ramming. That is how I finally achieved this after many attempts. And another good thing about the Rush levels is that the defenders cannot get the the attackers' starting point, so you're fairly safe in the UAV spot unless a sniper can see you there (in some levels that may be the case, and some not).
  11. The Rain Doll you get from completing Emily's final side quest, and from my experience it doesn't really work that well. It always just got really cloudy for me, isn't that right Zach?
  12. When I say "middle of battlefield" I don't mean standing in an open area directly in the middle. I mean somewhere in a building or atop a roof that's within the main confines of the war-zone. And this is only a game, hence it should be "fun" and not annoying. Snipers in bushes in this game do not win fights, except in the small possibility of using mortar as an attacker in Rush, as most objectives require doing more than that. Plus, as others have stated, use the class for other purposes, such as a decent squad spawn, and don't forget to use your motion sensors.
  13. Yep. Only thing episodes really are good for is the achievement divisions.
  14. The final boss wasn't absurd. George going all DBZ was the absurd part! However, this game should be a lesson to all demons to not create voodoo doll-esque squeaky toys of themselves, lest they be a weak point that will foil their plans.
  15. Unfortunately, it is random chance, aside from chapters that actually always start in the rain. But, for getting it to rain at certain times you just need to get to that time and then sleep for 24 hour intervals until it's raining. Albireo Graveyard is a good place to sleep as there is an unlimited amount of green tomatoes there to eat... but a good tip is to not bother eating until you finally get rain, as your health will not drop while you sleep, even if you sleep for three straight days with a completely depleted food meter; it saves you some time and money.
  16. Read this thread here: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=210977 to help you decide.
  17. I'll have to agree and say how very creative and funny that jingle is. I also must make a stand: Sniping is very much a part of this game and I do it too, but for those p***y pricks out there on the very outskirts of the map, hiding in the bushes, you are a douchebag of a sniper. You don't have the cajones to snipe from a spot in the middle of the action and it always brings a smile to my face when I blast yours in with my M95 or M2 Carl.
  18. Yep... you'd think that it would be so simple to just make it N, S, E, W. But, nope! They have to make the map spin around based on where your character is currently looking.
  19. Keep count somewhere in the back of your head. Supposedly I'm on 21 [Destruction 2.0] of my enemies (22 if you count a wrong-place-wrong-time teammate) and it did not unlock for me... pisses me off as I'm doing this all in legitimate games and it's getting annoying trying to concentrate on getting a building to fall (with bad guys in it) before a teammate takes the kills. Maybe team kills cancel out enemy kills in the background counter -but that would just put me at 20 still. Maybe it counts only once for every building that kills an enemy no matter how many enemies are in at the time (even if you get a quad kill by way of collapse!) Also, if you supposedly don't need to finish a round, then any disconnects of games in which I may have gotten such kills shouldn't effect the counter. So, WTF! If anyone has any ideas of what may be wrong, please impart your wisdom.
  20. Yes, and you can easily do it during Chapter 2... before giving Thomas the squirrel key from the jail cell downstairs.
  21. Have you done Side Quest #4 yet? That is a prerequisite for being able to trigger #5. No. 004 [Lost Arnold] Available: 02-04, 06-09, 11-13 Host: George Woodman Location: Greenvale Sheriff's Department Description: George has lost his beloved [Arnold] somewhere in the Sheriff's Office. He can't train without him! Find what he's looking for and get it back to him. Help him get his groove back. Strategy: [Arnold] is George's missing dumbbell. It can be found in the Department kitchen. Reward: Card No. 49 [Arnold & Sylvester]
  22. The pins show up on the awards tab in My Stats section and you get them for doing various small in-game achievements in a round, such as getting 7 kills with a submachine gun. The headshot thing was just the catalyst for some people to finally get their "Won Them All" to pop, but it's not determined to be the absolute. My best suggestion is to just keep playing and try to get some of those pins. Switch between Rush and Conquest, though it appears a majority of people got theirs to pop in the middle of a Rush round.
  23. Does anyone know if a team kill by way of [Demolition 2.0] counts towards achievement? I collapsed a building with an enemy and an (unknown to be there) teammate inside and both deaths were shown as 2.0 kills - though I of course lost 15 points for a team kill. That would put my total counter at 2 so far.
  24. So, I think the guide needs to be slightly tweaked with the fact that "Won Them All" is glitched. And it appears the way to get it is to just keep playing - after having actually won them all if it didn't work properly - until it eventually pops at about the same time that you get a pin. And also add that weapon stars count towards the Award achievements. I know the guide you link to mentions that, but in brief it should be mentioned here along with pins and insignias so as to keep the confusion to a minimum.
  25. They need to change the Road Map and state that this achievement is glitched. Same as everyone else, I got this in the middle of a Rush round - and had won all three modes at some point prior - and I randomly got the achievement when a pin popped up for me... unfortunately I don't remember which one.
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