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  1. Yup I've been having the same issue in multiplayer, the game will freeze at random times mid-match, also seems like boot up time is taking longer since the latest update
  2. DLC is finally available to download, both are priced at $4.99
  3. Just wrapped up the second playthrough on the xbox one, is was easier the second time around. On the 360 the main thing that made it harder for me was the random screen lagging as I went through gates that would mess up my timing, but I forget who mentioned it, but turning on slow-mo for me helped, as well as putting the volume on mute so I wasn't focusing on the sounds of passing gates. Overall, was it annoying....yes, but not the worst thing I've done.
  4. Honestly, I'm going to do the trials first, I know that some people have mixed feelings on them, I found only a couple of them to be annoying (*this is my opinion*), but I do agree that they didn't need to be add to a great single player game. So just going to get them over and done with and then start a high chaos run through the main campaign into the dlc, then play the more fun stealth run
  5. This just happened to me last night, resumed play from truth and reconciliation and powered through to the maw, invited a friend and got to outskirts when it dropped him from my game. So I saved and quit got him back in my lobby and tried to resume, but even though it said resume outskirts, it loaded halo (halo ce). So fucking pissed right now
  6. for subzero, I used cryomancer: →X,Y,Y (this will launch them into the air; three hits) when they are starting to come down →B,Y, X+A (two more with this combo the grab at the end does multiple stabs and should give you your tenth hit) This part of the video shows how the combo looks like:https://youtu.be/3jombLAQB0k?t=5s
  7. For goro, I kept going for low kicks until his shield broke and I could "damage" him, but yeah his walking punches and grabs are very annoying, glad this invasion boss achievement is done
  8. I've been wondering if they would add achievements to this game, I'm tempted to pick this up during the ultimate game sale, but I'm hesitant pick between the game or the game+sp
  9. I kinda agree, I played a couple of games and at first I was trying to treat it like previous halo game so for the first couple of games I was fighting the controls before I changed them, but after that I just got bored of it, I know its a beta and they plan on adding more stuff later, but 2 maps and 1 game type can only go so far, I'll dabble in the beta until it ends, but I plan on spending more of my time elsewhere.
  10. I noticed that yesterday that all my progress got reset to 0% when I started playing and I didn't get my achievement for winning on haven, but when I went to the achievements app my progress was there it just wasn't updating, went back into titanfall played on dig site and then both win on dig site and then haven popped very slowly. The weird thing is when I woke up today it randomly gave completion for 5 achievements that are not done yet like 8/10 for pull, missing 4 voices, but still getting voices in my head, and although losing still getting the 10 win streak, etc. I'm hoping this glitch is just with the achievements app and not from the game itself, I don't want to make it to gen 10 and not have that unlock or too legit to quit
  11. I've had this happen to me a couple of times, usually its when I'm joining a game in-progress, after picking my loadout I take one step and then it crashed, then i got sent back to the dashboard
  12. Holy crap its about time, but still, I'm glad to see that I no longer have to check the waypoint forums for new about this issue anymore, thanks 343
  13. I would have to say the Sub-Zero is my favorite while Ermac would be a close second
  14. Today B is for bravo posted in the halo 4 achievement glitch thread on the waypoint forums: "Hey all, First off, thank you all for posting detailed reports of the achievement issues. Some of you may have seen my replies on the forums and Twitter, but in the event that you haven't, please know that this is something we're still actively investigating. We know it's painful and frustrating, and it is something we are still looking at, and not at all ignoring. I hope to have a more concrete update in the near future. Any official updates will be comminicated via this thread and other official Waypoint / Halo channels. Bravo" So we still have to wait and see for result, its coming close to a year now when we first started seeing post about the issue, maybe they'll have it fixed before the MCC comes out, but who knows here it is on the forums: here
  15. Just got this achievement yesterday, so happy when it was done "never have to play this game ever again"
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