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  1. One of the White Knights is here lmao.
  2. New listings: Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku (Chinese Version) Wall-E (Korean version) Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (Korean version) Clannad 11 Eyes Cross Over ...and a few others.
  3. Right now I am only shipping to the US. Easy/Rare/Stacks. Free Shipping. http://www.ebay.com/sch/dexterity89/m.html?item=271289921197&pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item3f2a23aead&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Also not every game I own is listed so if there is anything you may be interested in PM me and I will let you know if I have it.
  4. I need 1 person to boost Wanted on this game (AWP as well, but want to start on ranking up first). We will be using the Bomb the Base 2 glitch for it. Message me on LIVE if you are interested.
  5. You have to use the weapon chalks to get the 5k needed on round 1 after you open all doors.
  6. When the Teddy Bear is on top of the box you will have better luck towards getting good weapons.
  7. The best team all year long! So proud of this team. Detroit definitely woke them up and they never looked back. Go Hawks Go!
  8. How do you advance the story? The last mission I did was helping at the courthouse and I played for 2 hrs straight doing the generic zed hunt, infestation, scavenger, help survivor mission but nothing is coming up for the story. I really like this game, but 2 straight hrs with no clue on how to advance the story is pissing me off.
  9. ^ 7/10, though I completely disagree with PDZ as I would rather do the campaign two times over than that boring mp. The mp is the more impressive part of the completion imo lol. Giving myself a 2 since my completions are filled with visual novel crap and Disney games or games that I enjoyed but aren't difficult at all. http://www.trueachievements.com/mygames.aspx?gamerid=115630&complete=1
  10. Yes it is possible. The mine level stops spawning enemies after awhile. Not sure why the bots are that annoying though, they don't deplete your battle gauge.
  11. Every ref is going to let that play go. I wanted the Niners to win, but clearly the better team won.
  12. I guess I should've only quoted the typical Kyle rant about Ray Lewis and the Ravens. And about that play, it was uncatchable so no call needs to be made. Damage control some more.
  13. LOL time to let it go. Some bad calls in that game, but I was glad to see it be that close as a fan of the game. The Cinderella story is complete!
  14. Fucking retarded. It IS an rpg, adding a sub genre to it doesn't mean it isn't an rpg. And I completely agree with the OP, this game is fucking garbage.
  15. Online right now, send sly toad a message for the Easter egg.
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