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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. I've been on graphics mode the whole time. I do not see any difference when on framerate so i don't feel it's necessary, i defo get over 30 when on graphics. I have not tried resolution mode, i will give that a whirl tonight. I don't fully understand why we have to choose though, the game world is not that big and there isn't alot going on. The console has the power to do it all, look at AC Origins for example.
  3. I just joined match make sessions, sent mine to everyone and waited 5 mins. Usually get about 2/3 back of 15, up to 43 now. No one seems to give a shit about them, casuals
  4. I thought that at first but it's alright now, generally HDR looks amazing. Except Ghost Recon, they really fucked that up. It's so poor i can't play it.
  5. The voice acting doesn't cut out, there is none, it's by design. Think of it like the Zelda games. As for the save i've not had any issues, i just manually save after i have done stuff and it's fine.
  6. Numbers do not change alot, i took down the Ratian Dragon doing about 30-40 damage with a charge blade and the dual blades do about 7 damage (I have the top tier currently available) The numbers don't make sense, ignore them and just smack monsters until they die
  7. They're working on a fix, not been an issue for me as i have a 4 stack and we've been using invites which work. The Co-Op story system though, maybe the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen, whoever designed that needs the sack! Why you cannot just queue makes no sense, instead you have to start solo, wait for it to say SOS flare ready then quit and queue together. Madness.
  8. I exaggerated a little But the forts etc. respawn so it's plausible. Hundreds you can pick up easy though if you go looking.
  9. If you use up on the D pad to scan and loot all the crates you see, in house, forts etc. you'll end up with thousands.
  10. Funny story, i had to wait about 2 weeks for my replacement after the first week the "Faulty" one started to work and worked fine all week, was still working when i sent it back. Got the new one which is actually a refurbished one too, working fine so far so fingers crossed. That sucks for you tho man i would escalate the shit out of it. I guess the way to look at getting a refurbished one though is it's not different to just sending your faulty one for repair.
  11. Yeah, all my friends are working fine. I just got unlucky. I've actually been using it for the past 24 hours and it's been working fine, but there is defo something wrong with it. Support said i should have a new one by Tuesday.
  12. Advanced Exchange was processed with MS support Monday, they "Assured me" i would have a replacement by the end of the week. Nothing dispatched yet. I can get my current X to work, but it's not long before it dies. Gone back to my day one edition for now.
  13. It broke again, Off for repair it goes, 2 months old. GG
  14. Well, Because i am stubborn and really didn't want to have it repaired i actually managed to fix it! It took about two hours but i finally got it to boot and then used recovery media to rebuild it. Apart from it being completely wiped it seems okay so far. Not a good start though, hope it's okay. I have my Day one as a back up if it dies again but i love HDR to much! Fingers crossed it's okay.
  15. Well, My X has decided it's had a hard long life and decided to die. Had and still have my day one edition xbox one and never had an issue with it, yet this one is dead within a few months. Anyone else had any issues?
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