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  1. an 11 and 8 year old would def. learn from this
  2. i bought an electric guitar a month ago and have not touched the thing, i bought this game two days ago and I already know like 10 chords, and the whole intro to Boys Dont Cry. EVERYONE who plays guitar should get this! 10/10 I dont even feel like im playing a game, i genuinely feel like im LEARNING guitar
  3. very good, a whole new style of gameplay. it took me a few days to beat, like 4, two to three hours a day. its got really good replay value id say. the controls are really smooth, i dont see why people complain. you can madly swing your arms to attack, you have to pace yourself or they wont register, but thats normal id say. and i wont lie, when you dont have a weapon (just your fists) the block sometimes wont come up and youll frustratingly die, but seriously thats nothing, youll love the game if you liked condemned. if you havent played condemned, play this. this and alan wake, are my two fave xbox 360 games
  4. yep. its true. just finished on no mercy, didn't get the achievement for humane, and i unlocked torture. so youre looking at 3 playthroughs at least
  5. okay so i bet this has been answered but through 5 pages i didnt see it. to get alan, wake up (beat the game on insane) you must start a new game and hit continue game every time? you cant do the episodes out of order, correct?
  6. sadly i think its all gotta be done in one run. it takes about 60-90 minutes per episode
  7. yea just happened to me with ep 2 skull boss. finished all 30 in 55 minutes, was seeing if i could get under an hour and the ball bounced above his head and top wall and then disappeared. i thought it was one of his moves. bummer for me, gonna retry and hope it doesnt happen again
  8. i ended up with 99/100 thermoses, like a LOT of people whove played this game. i found my 100th this morning and thought, why not post a thread about the 100th thermos? maybe its the hardest one to find and might help people. my 100th - episode 1, #11 in the guide book and on tygers guide. its confusing on his guide and i only found it by backtracking hella far. post your 100th and help others?
  9. its a buy, but pick it up soon to get prototype for free by mail. i was doubtful in spending this much money on a game i hardly knew about, but it was worth it. ive played the campaign a few times through and am always finding new things. i love weapon upgrades and things called e99tech. bummer it doesnt carry over to next playthrough but its cushioned by everything else. the story, the gameplay, everything.
  10. okay so i figured this out on playthrough four... when you get to the boss who throws barrels at you and eventually tries to hit you with his hammer, most people think to run out of the way but theres an easier way if you use impulse you are pushed away from the boss and out of the hammers reach, much easier.
  11. yeah, sorry but i think youve passed all the remaining chalkboards. the lucky thing is there are way more than 10 i think........ AND your 8 youve found will carry to the next playthrough so you only neede two more
  12. i know youve probably already gotten through this but all i did was autocannon. ALWAYS anticipate having to shoot him in the mouth, and reload right after you do.
  13. recommended (by me) playthrough 1 - normal, to enjoy the game playthrough 2 - easy, achievement hunting playthrough 3 - hard, challenge. achievements, whatever is left i know three sound like a lot but pt1 was 6 hours for me, pt2 was 5, and im working through pt3. i only need 2 more achievements offline. im not looking for anything, just posting what i did
  14. extremely good game. sad that i dont have LIVE for the mp but ive played single player three times back to back to back. and im not bored. im always finding new hidden spots and weapon case upgrades so its still basically new
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