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  1. Blu, FYI The unlock schedule within the Tower of Doom event is only applicable guild wide, not global. Any coincidental overlaps were pure luck.
  2. Yeah we're really active, doing all tasks by Tuesday. Around rank 40 in trophies and bracket 61 in guild wars. But sorry, if you don't stay I have to neglect any requests. I didn't intend to advertise our guild as a helper for the needed. Good luck if the XBA guild gives this another shot.
  3. Vader, if you play this game daily and contribute enough to the remainder of guild activities, I might a spot for you in our actual guild. We finish all tasks plus many legendaries each week. Only requirements we have are 1500 weekly seals and guild activities, no gold contributions or trophies required.
  4. No they don't, but your mail does. So make sure you at least open your inbox to collect whatever is in there. Everything you claim will stay in your collection until you use it.
  5. After all, I'm at 2000 diamonds (I know it's only have way), but the souls are holding me back greatly. I looked up some teams to farm souls, though I have none of the key cards yet. Other than that, there's only grinding through treasure maps and those are sooo boring. This one will take forever for me, unless I get lucky on a chest drop. I heard you can get from the day 30 drop on Path of Glory II, but that's 50€ for a chance on any Mythic.
  6. We have one open slot, let me know your invite code and I'll get you in. First come, first serve. We're always looking for active members that don't just grab stuff for free.
  7. Pants, let us know and we'll save our cash. It's me, fv4 'something' puma and 'something' Tee, that I hear regularily. We could save to help others to get this as well.
  8. I already invited two of my friends, that magically appeared to be addicted to the game as well. I just hope we find more active players. As it seems, not everyone in the guild is even playing the game after they got their achievement a few weeks ago.
  9. I believe we are at 29/30, I've got to check that when I get back from work. Though, your GT doesn't help us. We need your invite code, found on the hero tab. Any help is appreciated and active players are very welcomed.
  10. Thanks, I must've overlooked that button. Now I need another invite please. And I'd also like to stay in the guild as I've got 400k saved up for next weeks goals.
  11. That's the internet, where men are men, women are men and children are FBI agents. XD On topic - I can't seem to find out how to leave my guild. I have to do that (and get another invite) when I get back from work.
  12. ^^ Holy cow, that's amazing! Where'd you get the Manticore from? Did you ascend it or is it by default a mythic?
  13. So, did us Xbox players finally get the exclusive PS4 content that we're waiting for since The Taken King? If not, then that's my rant for the day. Timed exclusives in general is the worst decision to be made. Who's gonna buy a different console for about 400 bucks plus the game and in this case have to start over with new characters, just to play the content earlier? Let alone that we were (or still are) waiting for 1 1/2 years already.
  14. There's no legit gear that will top whatever you have to even try to think about GR150.
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