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  1. I absolutely hate not having a co-op partner. Whenever I search for one, they either decline the invite, or, lave about 5 minutes in. I just need someone for the co-op achievement for my 100%. D; Gamertag same as username if interested.
  2. I need a partner for Snatch & Grab, Wardriving, Terminal, and Wetwork. Gamertag same as username if interested.
  3. 25 enemies? That takes too long. 1. Private Match with friend 2. Build up fans until you achieve the rock crusher 3. Crush the opposing team's leader For some reason, it counts the leader as the 25 enemies. And its a hell of a lot easier than having enemies that run around and kill your rock crusher. Just a little tip I guess. Found this with a friend a long time ago.
  4. It's pure luck/random. My friend and I actually got the thing completed on round 35. We harvested the 25 souls about round 22, and the hundred on round 24. Death Machines don't help much then. xD Afterwords, it wouldn't stop digging tunnel 6. It dug it so much it actually glitched it.
  5. Message me if interested. Missing 1 in Charlie, 2 in Delta, 1 in Echo. GT same as username.
  6. I just have a few games/achievements which are being a pain in my side right now. If anyone is interested on joining me with some of them, it would be appreciated. Black Ops: Sacrificial Lamb One Giant Leap Shooting on Location (I know this is easy but it would probably be better in co-op) Stuntman All Shangri-la achievements (Minus Time Travel Will Tell) MW2: Star 69 Honor Roll MW3: Overachiever Survivor Unstoppable BF3: All co-op based achievements DR2:CW: Double the Fun (I can never seem to get into a game with someone who is focused on the game itself...) DR2: Better With a Friend (Same reason as CW^) L4D2: Still Something to Prove Those are all I can see physically/mentally possible without the help of more than one co-op partner...Like I said, if you're interested, reply or send a message to my GT. (same as username)
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