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  1. I got 8 out of 9 possible retroactives. Having only 550 kills, I didn´t expect to get the last one. But after killing someone with a frying pan, getting at least four kills in a match, getting overdosed on pills and red bull and knocking out at least four people with my bare fists in the couple of days I played today, I haven´t gotten another pop, or didn´t see any tracker move at all...
  2. What Shadow stated is true. I can't seem to get No Fly Zone by doing all the objectives in a normal run and getting gold in a second legendary run. Which is f*ing anoying. The first five objectives are easily met. But killing the end boss within three minutes is no way managable.
  3. Try removing and then adding the game to your collection, solves the problem 99.9% of the time.
  4. Never reacted to this. But it seems that between some of the patches me and some friends indeed lost out on some stats. A couple of chicken dinners in squad's (and solo) have never been added to the state count while not begin dropped out of the game.
  5. Since the last updates my stats don´t get recorded anymore. I finally found myself a decent squad. (No seriously, they needed someone to run around and get shot at, so i'm the "spotter"). And since we've gotten two chicken dinners in squads. but not a single win in my statscreen for Squads.
  6. Have you tried spawning a Graug? Seriously those beasts will stomp through almost everything.
  7. Soooo this update broke my game. It says I need to reinstal it. But when I delete it, its not removed from my hdd. It's not in my to download list or playlist when I delete it. But when I restart my Xbox it's back as a game needing an update... It's really fucked up. Anybody else has had this problem and found a fix?
  8. Gt: b0seiju, I'll just nag up F1 2017, at least I hope so. G.l. to the other competitors.
  9. Soooo. The craftingsystem took me a while to figure out. You can craft medkits, you cant craft food. You can also craft ammo. When you click on something to craft, I had to go to the tab on the left side on the ´crafting screen´ then go down and to the right again to select crafting. As for food and medkits you can find these also inside the infected stations. Those will be brought back to your train and you will find those a little left to the craftingtable, though still in the front of the train. One reads food x/10 the other one medkits 0/10. I don't know for sure but once you run out of food, the hungry ones lose health and you only can save them with medkits.
  10. Guess they're bringing some in Who's mean and green, but didn't take the first shot... Okay bad pun is bad. And a shitty move from Disney, though you're never sure on what points they decided to remove those directors, but my guess is the want more action and less story...
  11. GT: b0seiju Game: Prey and now praying for a win!
  12. There´s a timed sale going on for almost every ingame item. Just a heads up for anyone still waiting to get those 20 legendary dwellers but doesn´t want to spend the full buck. Lunchboxes: 1 = 0.99€ 5 = 2.99€ 15 = 6.99€ 40 = 9.99€
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