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  1. First and foremost, note that you NEED a mouse to play this game. A keyboard helps, but so long as you can quickly pause/unpause the game with your controller and rotate pieces (LB), the mouse will do all the main work. You can find a cheap wireless mouse at any electronics store; I've used both Microsoft and Logitech travel mice on each Xbox One model at ranges of 5' to 13' effectively. The difficulty cheevos don't stack -- BUT since you also need to win each map type in order to unlock the next map type, you might as well plan them out accordingly. 1. Map 1 - Intro map - 150 days - easy population- This is a perfect beginner map & mode. 2. Map 2 - Dark Moorlands - 120 days - accessible population - The dark color palette was a truly awful point of contention for years, so just mind that you don't let any zombies sneak by. 3. Map 3 - Peaceful Lowlands - 100 days - challenging population - Expand fast. Lots of unit-generators; always be pushing out, always keep those build queues full, and learn to watch your stats in the lower-right so you're NEVER waiting on energy, food, or headcount. Teach yourself to stay ahead of the game here. 4. Map 4 - Frozen Happylands - Seriously a fun map; you'll use this for a LOT of cheevos in this game. Slow movement + stake traps are your friends here. Traps don't invalidate any cheevos. Build carpets of them. This is the one for 80 days and Brutal population. Just keep at it. If you don't have decent wood, food, and stone within one energy pylon, then re-roll. There's a fine balance between "a couple of natural walls / choke points" and "too much starting area is blocked off." Food is the limiting factor here. 5. Map 5 - Desert Wasteland - 120 days - very easy population - This is the map that really teaches you about "noise" in the game, so go easy on yourself the first time you play it. Shotguns, snipers, and the sound of undead banging on walls/towers carries VERY far, and can trigger runners/villages of the damned from a screen away. Practice using lines of Hunters spread "one full Hunter apart" from each other to slowly clear. When you start building dudes with guns after the first wave, hold them back behind the hunters. Once their noise starts, you'll be fighting what feels like a non-stop wave in that location for some time, requiring at least 5-8 soldiers. ...more later... Only cheevos I have left on console are "no pause" and "peaceful" (well, and the 1M)...
  2. Yeah, the whole "can't be in 2 crews at the same time" combined with the 50-person cap is just really bad design IMO. This isn't a technical limitation whatsoever. It's a design limitation that I can see no benefit from.
  3. Your first death will likely be hunger. Just getting to the point where you're in actual dungeon rooms with actual enemies takes forever, and even then you're presented with a 2nd waterway path that circles back around topside. At the first underground campfire, which has the 2nd water path, you head SOUTH/DOWN TWICE through a rock formation (that looks nothing like a doorway) to move into the dungeon proper. DON'T automatically light campfires. They're single use (for awhile), and you need them to turn basic foodstuff (including inedible stuff like raw intestines and mushrooms) into more filling recipes. DO light all the little sconces/hearths/whatever as soon as you see them; when you backtrack and they've burned out, you'll get an ember. You can craft not only torches, but fire arrows... and you ALWAYS want a fire arrow handy in case you encounter a root-blocked door to extra loot. All puddles are potable/drinkable water. On the 2nd floor, there's a big ocean cove that is safe to fully explore. Do this BEFORE you exit the 2nd level. (I chose Eaat, then South, then West, YMMV.) There are set pieces and random pieces in between. If you're going to starve to death, try to sprint back to the previous level stair/set piece. If it's red, swing your sword at it beforeit kills you. And chase the little bastards who run away, back to the middle so their light doesn't fall off the map. (apologies -- Android doesn't post CR/LF correctly here )
  4. Yes, you can dashboard out if you're quick about it. BUT.... Seriously, this playthrough took about 7 or 8 hours of my day (although at one point I just had to get up abd do something, anything, else). It made me not want to play thia otherwise highly-enjoyable game ever again. Main thing I can tell you is DO NOT spend any points on anyone other than your main three. Your fourth can be shields, but in retrospect I got good enough dodging giant archers that I seriously wish i had prioritized a 2nd lance unit instead. Charge is uselessat rhis level. Cliff dive is nearly useless. Upgrading to max.level is the FIRST thing for each of your mains, except archer's artillery skill. Squad replenish, warhammer, squad size medal, and bomb are all handy. Put the size or replenish on the shield. bomb on archers. warhammer on lance. (mobile / will edit later)
  5. Actually, I get to eat some crow: I didn't have the special character in my party at the end of the match (Taroth or whatever). THAT is why it didn't happen. D'oh! Heh... Setting the fifth or sixth consecutive annual reminder... (yes, this is insane)
  6. ...aaaaaand it's broken. Full game started at 9am EST, finished without any failures at ~Noon EST, and no cheevo. At this point, i just had to laugh out loud. I have long since gotten every achievement in this otherwise-excellent game, but apparently they didn't expect people to still be chasing this so many years later... (facepalm) Time to finally delete the game from all my systems. It was fun.
  7. ...annual check-in time has come again... Endless Day is MONDAY Jan.21st 2019, so be sure to plan on starting AND finishing one full game of DotE today. If you have Steam, you can hop over there for rounds of Endless Legend (YES) and Endless Space (Meh) as well, and get those bonuses too. As always, take your time, explore the Hell out of those early levels, DON'T SPEND ANY LIGHT POINTS AT THE SHOP, place an Operator or two ASAP each level, and plot those well-lit escape routes carefully. The Professor and the Tank-Guy w/ the Escape Pod are always good choices if you're not sure who to start with. ...and "Too Easy" (aka "normal Hard") for this playthrough. Have fun!
  8. Just came back to this game after years... (SO GOOD!!!) Re: save problems: This game visibly uses a cached-write mechanism. My main tip for everyone is to TAKE YOUR TIME during all loading, saving, and quick-saving events. Even though you CAN move while it's saving, simply don't. ...and obviously don't do any kind of fast-travel or quitting until the save-writes are totally done. Always exit to the main menu before quitting the game or shutting down the Xbox.
  9. As with many others, I used this as an excuse to finally sign up for GamePass. Between this, Graveyard Keeper, Kingdom2, and others, it was an easy choice. That said, it's the same as DS1: Explore every nook and cranny and avoid any one-shot enemies until later. Side quests are obvious, and everything should be cleaned up before taking on the first dungeon/boss. The Online Co-Op is odd IMO -- I turned it off. AI companion sometimes just gets stuck, so it really is classic Souls gameplay on both levels. Most cheevos are like any DS -- go back to hub and talk to everyone regularly, explore thoroughly, upgrade everything. Bulk storage unlocks after 1st quest of 2nd area.
  10. Addendum: It's absolutely worth ~2.5 hrs of unspoiled "pure discovery" playtime on your first run, without reading any guides. You'll still rake in the cheevos. ...and THEN go read the excellent guide by Pants to mop up.
  11. Stumbled into it on sale, and I've been utterly delighted. It's an unending spiral of new areas and puzzles... Just delightful.
  12. Cheevo progress apparently did not carry over.
  13. Storage still capped at 400, and I've started seeing posts about build limits now too. Just gonna leave the box sealed for now...
  14. 400 lbs Stash capacity.... Brutal, and clearly heading for ESO-like paid storage. You've been warned (and this is coming from somone who LOVES the game thus far).
  15. Seeing that shield-blocked hits still count as hits, there is simply no way I can imagine beating Conjunctivitis without taking a single hit. A bullet-Hell-shooter 2nd half of the fight makes this very close to impossible. ...and then there's the Cursed Sword. Literally finish the game without getting hit. This might be the hardest cheevo list of the year.
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