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  1. Will in all likelihood unlock sybarite tommorow, thanks to all who kept this achievement alive and more recently for making it more easily obtainable.
  2. Three straight days with a ribbon for me..this is great ,now at 21 the end is in sight
  3. yep, new event (lightning round execution) and more importantly new ribbon ! 17/30 for me
  4. well ,when the events change its usually on a Friday. I've got a good feeling about tommorow.
  5. So that's 3 weeks without an event now, stuck at 12/30 for now.
  6. need help getting Chaos generator achievement , have second controller so only need one other person to help out. thanks
  7. 1490 total gamerscore?? seriously, they couldn't add 10 points to one of the achievements ..
  8. I unlocked the achievement using the guitar hero II controller. Was difficult at first because up is down and down is up but once I got used to that the achievement was a piece of cake. Nearly impossible with standard xbox controller d-pad
  9. won't say the gears 3 campaign was a disappointment but once again the multiplayer wasn't quite right, like the first two gears games you pretty much knew what team was going to win the match after the first round not based on skill but because for some reason one team always has more powerful shotguns. And then after a match the teams are rearranged and maybe you'll get to be on the team with the more powerful shotguns. also besides raams shadow which was ok the rest of the dlc made me yawn. would've liked to have gotten dlc where we see how barrick met his end or dlc centered around marcus vs griffin.
  10. yep can be easily gotten offline in private match vs bots, no skill required
  11. So basically you now just have to play gears at least once every weekend and hope you get awarded a ribbon that you missed out on months ago. What fun. 28/30 right now once I unlock socialite I won't even bother playing events most were horrible anyway.
  12. 30/65 Next one I'll get will probably be war supporter as I only need to play 3 more events.
  13. Tired of people complaining that there aren't enough waves in beast. Have they played horde online?? I've played one game ever where all 5 people stuck around to wave 30. I own most of the horde onyx medals btw. If they made beast lets say 25 waves if you tried to play online if would be a the same quit fest that horde is.
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